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This Word Call Racism!
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This Word Call Racism!
I Will March like Doctor King I will lift every voice and sing. Let
Freedom Ring for all my black brothers and sisters in this world
Come on lets fight for our civil rights from the White House to the
valley below Let Freedom ring I want to sing. OH Let Freedom
Ring Like DR Martin Luther King I have a Dream. Fight oh lets
fight let all my black community take a stand. Lets fight my color
community lets use our brain and not violence my black brothers
and sisters. Lets fight. I am one women I know my rights believe
me equally justice is what I will fight for without violence.
This Word Call Racism!
Singing standing up for our people in America
this word call Racism, it is real and still going on in

I'm from Georgia. I moved to Stockton, California. I can
tell you about these people in Stockton, California. I see
what goes on in Stockton, California. Racism, Bias,
Bigotry by people who lives and work in this county. It is
a crime shame how blacks get treated.

Racism has risen from the dead I
sing about it in this word.
Racism Have Awaken from the Dead! I sing for a change in
the world I'm from Georgia I move to Northern California and I
look around Racial Profiling, bias, Prejudice and hate trying to
destroy the black community