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Food, clothing ,shelter and Rhythm, rhymes ,resourceful

The exclusive style of creative, unique, and
committed artist world wide. A revival of spirit,
inspiration, ingenuity and diversity in each
design. The expression of color and the
vibration it transmits, made from the fabrics of
our lives.
Let your true colors shine through everything
you do. Master your high and develop your
God given gifts . We were all wonderfully
created, it's only right we are clothed with the
righteous wears that reflect who we are.

We are original, unique, exclusive, hand
stitched, quality, durability, diverse, global,
roots, authentic, environmentally conscious,
communal, grass roots, collective, creative,
resourceful, righteous, driven, devoted,
committed, connected, and respected.
Raggamuffin Inc.

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Cincinnati, Ohio
CBPM's 731st Member

Aint nothin like the real thing baby, RaggaMuffin Stylie.
The definition of a RaggaMuffin. The original and resourceful nature of an individual expressed in their everyday life.
The essence of heart and soul demonstrated in ones personality, diversity and integrity. The ability to make
lemonade out of lemons, alchemy in it's rawest form. Life is what you make it, the - Raggamuffin motto-