We will miss you Sister Sankofa Uhuru
Tribute to Sister Sankofa Uhuru
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It's all about Black Unity
It's all about moving
forward but not forgetting
where we have been.
Honoring the past
triumphs and
understanding our failures
that allows us to keep on
pushing towards UNITY
Unification and Freedom
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CBPM's 694th Member
Black Unity's vision:
is to focus on the positive so
that a foundation can be built
for future generations and to
pay homage to those that have
paved a way for us to be here
with the thought of liberation
from a corrupt society.
Black Unity
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All Things African
Black Unity
A home away from home
so that we as Afrikans can be
who we are, and share information
from a Afrikan's perspective.
A message to all members of Black Unity:
Welcome Rev. Majadi Baruti of Udja Temple Ministries is now a moderator here at
Black Unity.Rev. Majadi and myself will be back on the air in Jan. 2010. Please
welcome this strong brutha for steppin on up and spittin duties with Udja Temple and
Black Unity. Unity is a must in 2010.   

Sista Sankofa
Sista Truth
Rev. Majadi

Looking for someone to be a moderator at Black Unity and 2 others to be moderators
at  Assata.ning.com and we are in need of a female radio personality for Black Unity
Radio. Please contact me if interested. Expect some big things from Black Unity in

Visit Black Unity at: http://blackunity.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
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