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Spirit of A Dove Black Connections
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Dr. Reggie Siles
Spirit of A Dove
Black Connections
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Spirit of A Dove Black Connections...

Connects like-minded professionals and
business leaders together serving one function
of developing entrepreneurship and promoting
economic development for groups in the US as
well as global connections throughout the world.

Our pledge is to unite so that true-networking and
true-partnering can be established using multi-networking
marketing platforms. We strive to embrace small business
operations and give support to products and services with
the expectation of enhancing our communities.
Welcome to the Ministry of Networking, the book. I invite you
to take advantage of this incredible seven step formula and let
it lead you to a better living.  This book is dedicated to the
enhancement of every individual who has an opportunity to
experience it. This book will be a valuable tool for the
African-American male entrepreneur.

This powerful program will motivate and stimulate an action plan for
new entrepreneurs within the African-American male community.  
This seven step process will clearly identify their roots, cultural
foundations and illustrate from the moment an idea has been
planted in ones mind, they now have the initial seed of life within
them to pursue and accomplish their lifes goals.

This book is valuable to:
Organizations or individuals who are seeking support and expertise
in the area of networking.
Churches and community groups in need of diversity training in
College graduates seeking to be entrepreneurs in this global
Men and women who want a better understanding of the success
rate of the African American community in relation to other ethnic
I invite you now to sit back, relax and most of all absorb while I take
you on a journey into The Ministry of Networking, an action plan for
Divisions within our SOAD Association!

Black Entrepreneur Union (BEU): The membership arm which
coordinates global connections using meet-up sites and
community events.

Community Alliance Forum Team (CAF):  A team of community
advocates who are concerned and passionate about giving back
to our communities.

Event Planning Team (EPT): Event Planners formulated with
the task of producing Expo events, monthly community events
and weekly opportunity events.

Network Investment Circle (NIC) : A mix of business
products/services that work together as a unit to create a general
fund for the purpose of co-marketing, co-training, co-lead

Performers, Public Speaking, Promotions Team (PPP) : A
management database of performers, public speakers and
promoters who desire to enhance the SOAD movement.
Our Core Competencies

Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Training
True-Networking using a two-way support system and
Master-mind Communications

Barter-Exchange proposals and Referral Incentives
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Spirit of A Dove Black Connections