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Mildred Smith
Lithonia, Georgia
CBPM's 1,264th Member

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is a book about the design efforts, by
racist, to prevent black children from
having equal education and my
discover of how much action is being
done by the racist in a designed plan
to stop African-American children
from gaining higher education.
the Key to
Our Own
The Ugly Face Of Racism

I never knew how ignorant I was until I wrote and published
a book.  It is depressing because of the over four-
hundred- years of fear with equality. This is an old "
race" war with goals to teach the white supremacy lie
to African America's children. America made sure that
The American Design Destruction in Minds Of Black People

There was never competition with the white Africans. This
was my experience while attending a school that was
comfortable with me graduating from High School with less
than a third-grade education.  

When I was a child, Black children from small towns were
doomed with this evil. Many of our teachers had less than
a high-school education.  I knew that I was a victim to the
lack of education by America’s racist. I was so illiterate that
I did not know the extent of my miss-education. When I
realized this problem, my first reaction was to pull the book
from the market. I have since changed my mind. I love to
write and refuse to allow this racism to stop my goals.
Read this book and then learn how far the racist will go to
destroy the minds of black children. It is time to ask why
are the racists so threaten with equality.
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I want to Connect with
EQUALITY I am about equality
and truth.It is time for racism and
the design fun killings of young
black men to stop. It is time for
the America people to stop the
denial about racism without open
dialogue. It is time for the
Americans to stop teaching the
white supremacy lie by
protecting the fun killer of black
men. Four-hundred years of
welfare from slavery, low wages,
and inequality should be enough
for the racist.