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It took from 1916, when Marcus Garvey first arrived in the United States, to August 1920 for the Universal Negro
Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) to grow from 400 members to over
10,000,000 million members world wide.  There were over 1,100 Divisions of the UNIA-ACL Government.  To be a
Division in the 1920's you had to have a minimum of 500 members.          The state of Louisiana had the most
UNIA-ACL Divisions in the United States, 74, and Cuba had the most Divisions internationally, 52.  Our Ancestors
worked sun up to sun down the whole month of August 1920 to establish the only Government in the world based
on Race First for Black People on August 31st , 1920.  Our Ancestors had to do 5 things to establish this
Government.  1) A
Plebiscite - Public gathering in which individuals express desire to be part of a Government.  
(Aug. 1st, 1920 in Madison Garden, over 25,000 Black People in attendance from around the world.)  2) UNIA-ACL
Constitution.  3) The Red, Black, and Green Flag as the flag for our Government.  4) Issued August
15th, 1920 the Declaration of Rights of Negro Peoples of the World  5) Recognition by other Governments.  During
this time the UNIA-ACL Gov't had over 40 Ambassadors to other Governments.  Dr. Robert Brock was last person
to travel on a UNIA-ACL Passport during the early 1970's. The last time the 10th Administration of the UNIA-ACL
Parent Body was in Atlanta was during April 2012 for the 55th International Convention Tour in which programs
were held at Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta University, the Shrine of the Black Madonna and the new Atlanta
UNIA-ACL Liberty Hall on Harbin Road, SW Atlanta.  The UNIA-ACL Parent Body visited various Black Schools
including Pearl Academy, directed by Mama Virgie, Akoben, directed by Baba Baruti and the UNIA/CBPM
Math/Science Tutoring Program.The Parent Body also visited Atlanta, Georgia, in September 2010 for the Dual
Citizenship Program.  This years 55th International Convention is planned to be the biggest convention possible.
Today we are in the 11th Administrations of the
UNIA-ACL Global Government for all African People at
Home and Abroad, founded August 31st, 1920.