Kujichagulia Ceremony
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December 27th, 2009: UNIA-ACL Global Government Issues UNIA-ACL Citizenships in Washington DC
The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) was in the house at
the Zanzibar performing their mission of gathering, documenting,
and organizing our people by gathering “What our people are
Doing” in the Washington DC area.  Now you can go to the CBPM
website and connect with over a 100 brothers and sisters in
Washington DC who was at the Kujichagulia Ceremony doing works
to look out for our people at
Universal Negro Improvement Association
and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL)
UNIA-ACL Presents:
An Evening of
Kujichagulia Ceremony.

“Taking the Concept of Self-
Determination to another level…

Global Citizenship
for all African People at home
and abroad in the
UNIA-ACL Government.”
International Headquarters
1609 - 1611 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

President General:
Senghor Jawara Baye



The Honorable Redman Battle
UNIA-ACL 8th Presidents General
One God, One Aim, One Destiny!
By Ras Marvin

It was a cool night at the Zanzibar on the Water front,
700 Water Street, Southwest, Washington DC.  
Inside the Zanzibar Club, the crowd was steadily
growing and awaiting the commencement of the
historic Kujichagulia Citizenship Ceremony of the
UNIA-ACL Global Government.   African People
came from all over the United States of America and
beyond.   Many like me who wanted to be first in line
to receive our UNIA-ACL Government Citizenship.  
There were well wishers also in attendance.

Sister Rosie “Peppy” Parke, of Peppy Entertainment
Promotions, was the Mistress of Ceremonies that carried the
crowd with her charm and beautiful smile.  Sister Peppy
opened up with the words of I-Nia Reginia Lynn Rogers, the
Acting Counsel General of the UNIA-ACL.  “What better fitting
day and time for the ‘Rebirth of a nation’, than the Second day
of Kwanzaa when we celebrate Kujichagulia – Self
Determination!  Today, December 27th, 2009, is the
culmination of the efforts of the UNIA-ACL to move from a
membership entity to a citizen-based structure.”
December 27th, 2009, the second day of Kwanzaa, is known
as Kujichagulia.  

The Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL, on this evening, brought the
concept of Self-Determination to its highest level by issuing
Certificates of Citizenship to the UNIA-ACL Global Government for
all Africans at Home and Abroad.

MonaCheri Pollard Bey opened the Kujichagulia Ceremony with the
Libation, paying tribute to our ancestors.  A beautiful Ancestral
Alter was at the center of the stage created by African Diaspora
Ancestral Commemoration Institute (ADACI).  Sister MonaCheri
Pollard Bey is the Chaplin of UNIA-ACL Division 332.  
After the Libation, the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers got the
crowd charged with an energetic performance that included a
dancer that stood about 15 feet in the air on stilts, the elders and
brothers beating the drums, the sisters dancing to the rhythms, and
the crowd joining in with clapping of hands to the beats of the
drummers.  The energies of self-determination and celebration
were building in the Zanzibar.  Everyone was feeling the 21st
Century Garvey Whirlwind sweeping through the Zanzibar in
anticipation for the big moment.
Next Malik Deal and Jaheel Kirkland performed the Kwanzaa
Candle Lighting Ceremony.  As each of the seven candles was lit,
the Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa was read aloud.
This was followed by seven loud shouts of Harambee with fist in the
air, we were all pulling together.

Next to hit the stage was Ms. Ivy Anderson Hylton and Friends,
Sacred Moments Tour.  Ms. Hilton is an internationally known
sacred performance artist who has a great connection to the inner
healing voice of Angels.  Sister Rashida on the Harps and Sister I-
Nia Rogers on the key boards provided the back up music for Ms.
Hyltons.  Ms. Hylton’s voice was of a pitch that had the glasses in
the Zanzibar club vibrating with sweet melodies.  
“Let There Be Life” was the cut Ms. Hilton blessed the pack house

Sister Rosie Peppy our Mistress of Ceremonies, kept the spirit of
one love throughout the Kujichagulia Ceremony as she carried the
crowd with positive words, sounds and powers of nation building.  
“We are celebrating Kwanzaa and Kujichagulia, We are
celebrating Self Determination.”

Sister Ayieta Crawford, President of the UNIA-ACL King Baba
Kamau/Queen Mother James Division 332, in Washington DC,
hosted the Kujichagulia Ceremony.  Sister Ayieta Crawford is also
the founder of Shea Essentials, the official retailer of the UNIA-
ACL, featuring pure unrefined shea butter for our people.  Shea
Essentials represent an important part of self-determination for the
UNIA-ACL.  UNIA-ACL Division 332 meets the third Sunday of each
month from 3pm – 5pm.  Look out for the Health and Wellness
Festival in April 2010 sponsored by Division 332.  You can get in
touch with Washington DC Division 332 by visiting www.

Sister Ayieta Crawford then introduced the next Speaker.
He is the highest legal arm of the UNIA-ACL.  He has been working
with the UINA-ACL for the last 12 years...introducing to you Baba
Faruq Muhammad, the Counsel General of the UNIA-ACL.  
Baba Faruq began by giving thanks to the Creator and our
Ancestors.  Many said that Baba Faruq should be home in bed,
but Baba Faruq said, “He could not miss the Kujichagulia
Ceremony”.  He said, “Tonight is a night of taking Kujichagulia
back to its raw form, its beginning.”

You all should know that the Kujichagulia Ceremony is an
accumulation of years of legal and historical work put in by Baba
Faruq Muhammad and Dr. Toni Martin, the international renowned
Garvey scholar, from the Directive of the Honorable President
General Redman Battle, the 8th President General of the UNIA-
ACL.  Baba Faruq and Dr. Tony Martin were summoned to do the
work to answer the question:  Did the Honorable Marcus Garvey
establish the United States of Africa World Government for Black
People Worldwide?

After many days, nights, and years of research work, it was
discovered that the Honorable Marcus Garvey did establish the
UNIA-ACL Government, for all Africans at Home and Abroad.  This
Government was fully functional for almost a decade in more than
40 countries.  This was the first Global Black Government in the
history of mankind.  
Baba Faruq Muhammad said "we are talking about Black Laws, the
right to connect to the land.  Today we are dealing with the legal
and God given right of Self-Determination.  Tonight we will begin
the long journey for Self-Determination.  First we are moving from a
membership organization to a citizenship organization, then to dual
citizenship with the countries in Africa.  2010 and 2011 will be great
works for our people.  Self-Determination is going to require some
gut wrenching work for all of us.

The next speaker was Brother Greg Simpkins, the Vice President,
Policy and Program Development, of the Leon H. Sullivan
Foundation.  He let us know that the Sullivan Foundation has over
30 years of work of leveraging the resources of the foundation to
build up Africa.  He said many brothers and sisters would soon
recognize the works of the UNIA-ACL.  The leaders of the Countries
in Africa understand the power of the African Diaspora.  Reverend
Leon H. Sullivan, the founder of the Sullivan Foundation was given
dual citizenship with many African Countries.  The Sullivan
Foundation has been working with the UNIA-ACL for sometime now.

Brother Greg said that the African Union (AU) thought that Africans
living in the Diaspora were people born in Africa and living outside
the Continent.  The Sullivan Foundation said NO.  The Diaspora is
all Africans even if you were not born on the continent of Africa.  
Two months after this time the African Union (AU) changed its
stance on the Diaspora and created the Sixth Region of the AU
because they recognized the power of the Diaspora.

Praises to our God.  At this time, the reason why brothers and
sisters came to the Zanzibar on the waterfront in Washington DC,
from all over the United States and different parts of the world was
at hand.  

Next the Citizenship Ceremony Official, Munthir B. Kirkland-El, the
Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America sent out
the calling to come forward.  It is time for citizenship Globally,
Nationally, and Internationally.  Twenty Seven people, who had
applied for Citizenship with the UNIA-ACL Government, came
forward for their Certificate.   Munthir Kirkland-/el said, “We got to
recognize each other first.”  We got to recognize the UNIA-ACL
Pioneers that is enabling us to implement citizenship for our
people.  This is the seed that has been planted and organized for
the coming together of African People worldwide by the Honorable
Marcus Garvey.
The Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America
instructed all who came for the Kujichagulia Ceremony for their
Citizenship to repeat after him the Citizenship Pledge to the UNIA-
ACL Government.  Then the Grand Sheik, Munthir B. Kirkland-El,
said the words many was waiting to hear, YOU ARE NOW CITIZENS!

The Pledge to the Red, Black, and Green, our Government’s Flag
was the next business at hand.  Then individual Certificates of
Citizenship was issued to our people.  I Ras Marvin and the crew
from UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421, Brother Bomani Tyehimba of
Africa for the Africans (www.africafortheafricans.org), Brother Ali
Yasin of Free Your Mind Designs (www.cbpm.org/fymd), and Ras
Ital of Creations Arts and Crafts (www.cbpm.org/creation), excitedly
drove to Washington DC to go down in Our-Story as the first in line
to get our citizenship to the UNIA-ACL Global Government. We had
to settle with being part of the first group in the 21st Century to get
our UNIA—ACL Citizenship.  All the same we were all glad and

Our President General, Senghor Jawara Baye the 9th successor to
the Honorable Marcus Garvey, was the first person to obtain their
citizenship.  Then the 1st President General Assistant, Brother Akili
Nkrumah received his citizenship followed by Faruq Muhammad, I-
Nia Rogers and many others.   There was even a family of there
generations, grandparents, parents, and children who got their
citizenship the UNIA-ACL Government.

The 1st Assistant President General, Akili Nkrumah got the new
citizens to the UNIA-ACL Global Government and all well wishers
into a chant for our current President General.  We have
implemented real self-determination based on land, love, water,
and reality.
Our President General, Senghor Jawara Baye, spoke next letting
us know that this is about us collectively.  This is only the beginning
of a long road ahead of us.  We have a lot of work to do to make
our Government a Government for all African people at home and
Abroad.  Self-Determination requires all of us to do our part to help
build the Government of the UNIA-ACL, which was established for
us by our Ancestors, Elders, and the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

The rest of the evening at the Zanibar was filled with celebrations
led by conscious performers.  Laini Mataka, a master Poet, Author,
and Cultural Legend in the African Cultural Community,who blessed
the crowd with her great works.  Precise Science, a Conscious Hip
Hop Group based in the DC, edu-tained our people with their
magnificent skills on the mic.
Precise Science is truly one of the most powerful 21st century race
first Hip Hop/Spoken Word/Rap Artists speaking truths to power.  
One of the songs they performed had the hook: “the only way we
get on track is to get back to black”.  Farafina Kan Drummers and
Dancers gave the crowd a performance to remember.  Farafina
Kan Drummers and Dancers grew up drumming and dancing in the
African Cultural Tradition.

Lest we not forget the magnificent altar assembled by Mama
Tendal Johnson of ADACI (African Diaspora Ancestrial
Commemoration Institute), brightly adorned with the Red Black and
Green.  My second look at  what these sistas do, and it was
definitely awe-inspiring.  And thatnks to Mama Jeanette Carson,
who was the Officiation Witness of the Kujichagulia Ceremony.
The next two Kujichagulia Citizenship Ceremony in 2010 will take
place in Chicago, Illinois March 26th -28th, 2010 and August 2010
in Washington DC.  Brothers and Sisters can obtain their
Citizenship to the UNIA-ACL Global Government for African People
by connecting with their local UNIA-ACL Division
(www.unia-acl.org).  Keep in mind that your Application for
Citizenship must be turned in well in advance of the ceremonial
date in order to receive your citizenship at the next Kujichagulia
Next Citizenship
December 27th,
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