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Woodson               Banneker       Jackson-Bey
Millions more of our brothers and sisters to unite socially,
economically, culturally and politically regardless of religion,
language, or culture. Millions more to support reparations
movements all over the globe. Freeing millions more political
prisoners and prisoners of war that have been unjustly
incarcerated in prisons all over the world. Millions more to support
the exoneration of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Millions more to join
the UNIA-ACL and other black nationalist
organize. The restoration of voting rights to millions of black
people who were brazenly disenfranchised by false pretense.
Solution: Africans at home or abroad must create international
organizations and agencies and make our own decisions in order
to solve our own problems. we can solve our own problems by the
proper distribution of our collective wealth.
With the control of our wealth, we will be in the position to also
demand justice, fair treatment under the laws of the governments
within our respective communities and fair and equal distribution
of government services. The UNIA-ACL and other organizations
need to implement international programs to
inform our people about the importance of political action, locally,
nationally and internationally. Organize neighborhoods to get
residents interested in the activities and decision-making process
of their local government.
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In the early 20th century, the Right Excellent Honorable Marcus
Mosiah Garvey had a mission to liberate African people
worldwide. He worked to accomplish this mission by organizing
apex established successful factories, businesses, educational
institutions, international news publications and social
programs while promoting love and race pride among people
of African descent.
Because of the popularity of this great association, the U.S.
Government waged a vicious attack against Marcus Garvey
and the UNIA-ACL. Now, there is a great resurgence of interest
in continuing the mission of this great association and its
founder. For African people and African descendants
throughout the African diaspora to reach their greatest
potential, the UNIA-ACL is calling for all African people to focus
on the re-establishment of institutions that support the
unification and liberation of all African people because if one of
us is chained, none of us are free.
Many of our youth do not have the proper guidance
they need to grow and develop in positive ways. The
youth are our future: therefore, we must set positive
examples by taking an active role in their lives and by
establishing and strengthening community institutions.
WE CALL FOR: Millions more mentors for our youth.
Millions more African/Black families to foster or adopt
orphaned or neglected black children. A million more
institutions and projects to serve our youth. Millions
more youth to be uplifted from poverty, hunger,
violence and abuse.
Millions more high school, college and vocational
school graduates who are committed to the social and
economic elevation of African people. Solution:
African/African descendant/black social, religious,
spiritual, and business institutions need to embrace an
African centered approach to assist orphaned, foster
care or other needy children through mentoring and
rights of passage programs, meal programs, social
services and other economic and educational
The black family is in crisis because we have lost sight of our African
values. We need to re-establish the institution of the African family by
reclaiming our African value system. WE CALL FOR:
Millions more parents to be conscious nurturing parents.
Millions more men to more supportive to their children and familial
relationships.  A cease to the millions of cases of inexcusable conflict
inflicted rapes and abuse of African women and children. Millions more
men in protective stance demanding respect and equality for our women
and children.
Solution: Black social and spiritual institutions need to create family
development programs that address the following - parenting skill
development; family crisis intervention; and black men and women
support groups.
We demand that institutions that educate our children provide
them with a superior education and equip our youth with the
skills required for nation building. WE CALL FOR:
A million more schools of all disciplines that will produce
millions more scientists, physicians, nurses, teachers, skilled
craftsmen and engineers. Millions more African-centered
libraries and schools fully equipped with computers, books,
educational materials and school supplies. The African
diaspora and especially the African continent need more
science and math books for all levels of education.
A million more of our educational institutions to develop
Pan-African exchange programs. Solution: The UNIA-ACL
believes that we should demand an African-centered
curriculum in all schools and when necessary create our own
educational institutions.
The global widening disparity of wealth between the industrially
developed and underdeveloped nations coupled with
continuing discrimination against black and indigenous people,
historically the victims of brutal European colonial aggression,
continues to suppress the ambitions of black people
everywhere. No where is the disparity more apparent than on
the continent of Africa where the wealth derived from industrial
raw materials, mineral and energy resources and
the means of production continues to elude the masses of
people. We must realize the importance of consolidating our
efforts to regain what is rightfully ours and combining our buying
power to redeem universal recognition of our economic power.
In many communities this may simply mean spending our
earnings within our communities and consciously supporting
black owned businesses. WE CALL FOR:
A million more farmers to farm millions more acres of land to
feed African people on a worldwide basis. A million more
responsible black-owned businesses including media
and millions more supporters of these businesses. A million
more factories to process our raw materials. Millions more
miles of highways and railways especially on the African
continent to transport industrial and agricultural products
created by African owned and controlled enterprises. More
BLACK STAR airlines, merchant ships and land transport
systems to consummate our global trading network. Solution:
The UNIA-ACL supports African economic empowerment: the
means of production should be in the hands of African people.
Collective action must be taken by our people at all levels to
create businesses, factories, and agricultural undertakings.
Examples of black collective action include Black Star
Senegalese Homegoing project; REACH program in Alabama;
Songhai Project in Benin; Brother Mowata in Durham, NC;
Black Agricultural Economic Program by the UNIA-ACL. To
continue to implement similar projects we need to form planning
committees, investment funds and clubs that harness our
educated and skilled forces in business, financial and
manufacturing sectors worldwide.
Black people often lack access to proper medical and/or health
care which can lead to a poor quality of life and a shortened life
span. We must help our people to become more conscientious
about nutrition and better informed about preventive measures that
lead to good health. WE CALL FOR:
A million people to be more responsible for keeping our
neighborhoods clean. A million more public sources of clean water
in our communities around the world. Millions more lives saved
from diseases such as AIDS, malaria, diabetes, cancer,
hypertension, schistosomiasis and other deadly diseases.
Solution: Organize a group of civil engineers; public waste
management officials and physicians to deal with these problems.
Develop programs informing communities of the risk factors and
behaviors that bring on these diseases, such as cigarettes, high
fat diet, alcohol and drug abuse. Black
institutions need to incorporate exercise and fitness programs in
their respective communities.
Our ability to uplift our communities has been weakened by our
lack of high level participation in the political processes that affect
our everyday lives. We have often been betrayed by politicians we
put in office to represent us and find solutions to
problems that afflict our communities. We are often victims of
political and financial machinations that turn our communities into
real estate battlefields, drug turf war zones and environmental
cesspools. It is easy to feel powerless to take action to ensure our
voices are heard locally, nationally and internationally.
However, we must realize that we have the power, strength and
determination to move beyond today and create and maintain
strong, lasting institutions. WE CALL FOR:
Millions more of our brothers and sisters to unite socially,
economically, culturally and politically regardless of religion,
language, or culture. Millions more to support reparations
movements all over the globe. Freeing millions more political
prisoners and prisoners of war that have been unjustly
incarcerated in prisons all over the world. Millions more to support
the exoneration of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Millions more to join
the UNIA-ACL and other black nationalist organizations around
the world.