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Know Thy Self Study Circle
How can I join the circle?
Contact: Nyata Toure
Phone: 484-768-9586
E-Mail: painspub@yahoo.com
The Know Thy Self Study Circle is a group of concerned
Black men and women who have been involved in
various degrees and capacities in the worldwide struggle of
Black people for freedom justice and equality. We have come
together to study the history, movement and culture of our
people from our homeland Africa to every continent on the
face of the earth.
We believe that based on our analysis of our history,
movement and culture there will emerge a clear and concise
picture of who we are, where we come from and where we
are going. That is to say, we will “Know Thy Self.  
The ‘Know Thy Self study circle is
preparing itself to:
1. Assist in the process of raising the level of
consciousness of the masses of African people the
world   over.

2. Provide leadership and direction to the masses of our
people who are scattered, suffering and lack effective
organization and leadership, especially our youth. What
we seek to do is harness and channel the scattered
energies of our people towards our redemption.

The” Know Thy Self” study circle is looking for dedicated
brothers and sisters to be part of the circle; to study the
history, movement and culture of black people from
Africa to every continent on the planet.

Nyata Toure Founder
Pan-African Information
and News Service
“In this epoch when the struggle is for the minds of
our people we need” Information for Liberation”

Pains Publications
Email:  painspub@yahoo.com
Phone Number:   484-768-9586

The P.A.I.N.S –  is a community based information and
news service whose sole purpose of existence is to
provide  information and news from Africa and African
people worldwide from an African centered perspective.
We want to bring to the attention of Black people
Through information and news the plight of  the exploited
and oppressed masses of African people the world over.

The P.A.I.N.S – intends to provide information and news
that may not be available in libraries, bookstores, or
even at the grassroots level information and news from
local, national and international agencies and
organizations. Information and news from political, social,
cultural, religious, educational, fraternal, youth and
women’s organizations. We also intend to provide
information and news from and about nationalist,
socialist, communist, Pan-Africanist, civil rights and
human rights organization and movements through out
the world

The P.A.I.N.S – will be providing our readers with
information and news from the United Nations, the
African Union, the World Health Organization, embassy
publications, underground news papers from around the
world, books and periodicals and many other forms of
information and news.

The P.A.I.N.S – arose in response to the cries of the
exploited and oppressed black masses of the world for a
“New world Information Order” to rectify past colonial
stereotyping, biases, imbalances and western cultural
imperialism and monopoly in the gathering and
distribution of international information and news about
the world and its people.

Nyata Toure / Founder
President General, Brother Akili,
Sister Mary and Nyata Toure
Look out for Nyata Toure's articles in
the Garvey Voice.
Nyata Toure receiving his Citizenship to the
Government of the UNIA-ACL,  December 27th,
2010, Washington, DC.
One God!
One Aim!
UNIA-ACL Centennial Radio January 24th, 2014
with District 2 Commissioner Nyata Toura
UNIA-ACL Division 431 President Wakili