UNIA-ACL Centennial
UNIA-ACL Centennial
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We are embarking on a Centennial in
Honor of the founding of the UNIA-ACL,
established by the Right Excellent Marcus
Mosiah Garvey in July 1914, to foster a
“Universal Confraternity” among the Race
to work for better conditions among the
Race everywhere.
Greetings from I-Nia (Reginia) Rogers
UNIA & ACL General Counsel
Centennial Planning Committee Chair
UNIA-ACL Parent Body Website: www.unia-aclgovernment.com
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3rd Quarter Community Assembly, Atlanta, Georgia
Theme: One People, One Aim, One Destiny
Sponsored by the African Community Center and UNIA-ACL Division 421
Dr. Runoko Rashidi - Revolts & Resistance
Theme: A History of African Liberation Movements from Ancient Times to Marcus Garvey
Sponsored by The Black Bailout and UNIA-ACL Division 421
Centennial Events at the National Black Theatre
Long Island Celebrates UNIA-ACL Centennial
UNIA-ACL Government
International Headquarters
1609 - 1611 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Government Officers:

Hon. Michael Duncan

Kamose Muhammad
1st Assistant President-General

Mshindi Ziaga
2nd Assistant President-General

Patrick Hickerson
3rd Assistant President-General

Basiymah Muhammad Bey
4th Assistant President-General

Mary Bota

Raymond Dugue
High Chancellor