Bum Rush - Kemo
Girls Look Fine - Kemo

I am also Writing a few
short stories Such as
"Bodista is my Angel"
and "Street Hustler".  

I am in the Process of
finishing up my CD
Called Vagabon Style.  
I Have 8 songs on the
CD already
and aiming to add more
to it.

Some of the Songs on
my CD are:
*Girl look fine,
*Bum Rush,
*Waga Dance,
*Wine De Boogie
(soon to be available here)
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This is an expression of my
personal life experiences
as an Inventor, Short Story
Writer, and a Musical
Artist. I am working on
Inventing a few practical
appliances to be used in
the home.  I have one
appliance that Patton
pending.  Stay tuned for
Don't Mess with the Hypeness
- Kemo & Top Notch Crew
Ryee - Kemo &Top Notch
Crew (New York)
Wind the Boogie - Kemo
Frame - Kemo
Affriad - Kemo & Lord
Richard (Senegal)
Waga Dance - Kemo &
Jenean (North Carolina)