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100 Black Engineers. The mission of the 100 Black
Engineers is to use their Engineering skills to
design and build engines, machines, and
structures that will advance African People.

The 100 Black Engineers uses the growth of the
amount of African People's skills, talents, and
intelligence (education) organized locally, nationally
and internationally in the CBPM and made available to
our People as the never ending resource that has to
be gathered by the CBPM Machine to move our
People from functioning individually in certain areas of
life to functioning collectively in all areas of life.

This is a call to all Black Engineers, to join the 100 Black
Engineers because we can design and create all the things
African People need to better our conditions wherever we are.
The 100 Black Engineers are proud of all Black Engineers who
have succeded in the Engineering profession.  We ask that you
give black some of your skills to the African Race by becoming
a member of the 100 Black Engineers Organization. The 100
Black Engineers organization is seeking volunteers that have
administrative skills and more to assist in the CBPM
Engineering Office.
100 Black
Engineers can
solve most of the
problems Black
People face! It took
1 Black Engineer
to design the
Collective Black
People Movement
The Collective Black People Movement
(CBPM) is the most dynamic machine ever
created because this machine is built on
more than physical parts, it is built on the
spirit and soul of each African that is a part.
The CBPM machine, has each of its parts
made up with divine beings that has its own
intelligence.  Intelligence integrated with a
Philosophy of Race 1st, Universal African
Nationalism and Nationhood can defeat all
weapons that is against African People.
Engineering is the
branch of science and
technology concerned
with the design,
building, and use of
engines, machines,
and structures.
1.  Automatically gather Brothers and Sisters who believe
in Pan Africanism from around the USA and the world.
2.  With over 1.4 Billion Plus Black People in the world, the
CBPM Machine has hundreds of forms placed in everyone
homes that have internet access to automatically gather our
People's Skills, Talents and Intelligence (Education).
3.  The CBPM Machine Automatically organizes our People by
our skills, talents, and intelligence (education).
4.  The CBPM Machine gets Race 1st information to our People
in distant places to keep them connected to numerous African
People's Movements.
5.  The CBPM Machine creates a place for all African
Organizations and Spiritualities to be represented together in
one Unified Body while strengthening, promoting, recruiting for,
and supporting each organization and spirituality.
6.  The CBPM Machine is built from simple principles:
a. In numbers there is strength.
b. Nothing can be more powerful than the Collective of African
People United together worldwide.
c. No other people should have more information on African
People than the information African People have on ourselves.
7.  The CBPM machine automatically gathers 27 cents a day
from Black People and has the potential to gather $8.1 million
dollars every 24 hours for African People in the U.S. and for the
world it is much greater.
8.  The CBPM Machine presents African People to the world as
a United Body and in a positive light.
9.  The CBPM machine fills the vacuum of the non existence of
Race 1st information for and by African People.
10. The CBPM Machine produces 365 days of African Historical
Facts on the day that it happened in our history, on over 800
plus pages at the CBPM website, to educate our Youths, People,
and the world on the Great Contributions African People has
made to this world.
11. The CBPM Machine Breaks down the work that African
People has to do in organizing our Race on a day to day basis
locally, nationally, and internationally, instead of just waiting on
the next event to be involved.
12. The CBPM Machine enables all African People to be a part
of it and to do the works of organizing our People locally in the
community and city where they reside.
13. The CBPM Machine speaks to the minds and hearts of all
African People that are exposed to it asking them, What are they
doing for African People?
14. The CBPM Machine has the Power to deliver any message
to hundreds, thousands, millions of our People with in a 5 minute
15. Automatically gathers Brothers and Sisters in various cities
and states for African Organizations in those specific cities and
states where our People live.
16. The CBPM Machine is big enough to Unite 1.4 Billion African
People into its body.
17. The CBPM Machine (website) is strong and powerful enough
to hold thousands of African People within its walls at the same
time without crashing.
The story of the people who lived in a world that they
did not know what the Teaching Profession was for
and they did not have any schools to educate the
people.  The Proud People said I am a man, I am a
woman, and no one needs to educate me on what this
world is about because I am living it and I know all
about it.

Also in this world was the story of the people who did not know
what the job of a Lawyer was for and the knowledge of what the
legal profession was about, was not known by the people.
Instead the Proud People defended themselves in the courts
without any knowledge of how the legal system worked and was
always defeated by the system they lived in because they did
not know what the job of a lawyer was about.

Another group of people also live in this world.  These were people
who did not know what the job of a Doctor of Nurse was for.  After all
there was peace through the land.  Then one day when the war
started and loved ones were injured, people ran to give aid to the
injured yet not knowing what to do when they seen there loved ones
injured terribly that they ended up dying from their injury.  

If your are creating something or building something new, do not live
in the world above.  Know the Profession who's job it is to create
things that are beneficial to humanity.  

"Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with
the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures."

Know which profession designs and builds, automobiles, planes,
rockets, buildings, roads, electronic devices, Electrical power plants
and more.  Engineers design and create everything humanity needs.  

If you have an organization, business or a church, make sure you
have an Engineer on your team. Then whatever your visions are, they
can be manifested in reality.  As a member of the CBPM, you have
your own Design Engineer working on your Administrative Team.
is the
that was
designed by
Black Engineering
and uses
the engine
of the
Worldwide Web