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54th UNIA-ACL International Convention, Philadelphia, PA
Message from the President General of
the UNIA-ACL in the eve of the 54th
International Convention
This years convention will feature reports and works from the
UNIA-ACL International Organizer Professor David Horne, Minister
of Labor and Industries Chuck Banks, Minister of Education Khabyr
Hadas, UNIA-ACL Ambassador of Belize Bilal Sunni Ali, UNIA-ACL
Ambassador of West Africa Charles Lloyd, Counsel General Inia
Rogers, Assistant President Generals Akili Nkrumah, Yaw Davis,
Basiymah Muhammad Bey, the Minister of Information Zama Cook,
Minister of Protocol and Security Asim Nkrumah, Minister of
Transportation Serwah Nkrumah, High Chancellor Samia Akomo,
President of the UNIA-ACL Defense Fund Ras Marvin, the
Secretary Generals of the UNIA-ACL, UNIA-ACL, Commissioners
and Presidents of various Divisions and President General Senghor
Jawara Baye. Business sessions during the daytime are for
members only and special guest.  Details on the, locations, times,
etc. of the evening public events, programs and mass meetings will
be soon shared with you. They will be held Wednesday August 17th,
Thursday August 18th, Friday August 19th, Saturday August 20th
and Sunday August 21st.  If you are in Phil PA and African, you
should plan to attend and meet leaders of the UNIA-ACL
government and active members from around the world.  

The government of the UNIA-ACL has been working consistently in
building for Race First Self Reliant Universal African Nationalism within the
21st Century for Africans both at home and abroad. We have partnered
with PADU the Pan African Diaspora Union, SRDC the Sixth Region
Diaspora Caucus, CBPM the Collective Black Peoples Movement,
Harambee Radio/TV, ADACI the African Diaspora Ancestral
Commemoration Institute  and many other progressive movements,
institutions, and organizations.

Since 2008 we have established 13 new divisions around the world,
reestablished our Citizenship Process, appointed Ambassador's,
increased our Parent Body and reached out to you via self reliant
communications ways and means around the world. We have hosted two
successful conventions in Detroit, Michigan in 2009, Washington DC in
2010, where we hosted guest speakers Del Walters, Dr Sebe, Dr Robert
Brock, CR Gibbs, Dr Tilli Williams, Tanikka Cunningham and many other
artist and speakers. Still there is much work to be done and will be, as we
advance towards the 100th Centenary of the UNIA-ACL in 2014. Next
years 55th International convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia in
August 2012.

At this years convention our 97th year legacy shall continue. We are
focused on building sustainable living situations for self determination and
self reliance for Africans both at home and abroad. Working on
partnerships towards unity without uniformity with Africans around the
world.  Advancing the works, words and deeds of our founder the Right
Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, our UNIA-ACL ancestors and the
legacies of all the President Generals who have served us since Garvey.
President General's Stewart, Sherrill, Harvey, James, Maddox, Garvey Jr,
Battle, and Gee. Be aware there are no others that are authentic and
official continuing with integrity, within the autonomous independent
government structure established by our founder.

As the 10th President General and     9th successor to Hon. Marcus
Mosiah Garvey, I am calling on all Africans to join us as we work within the
whirlwind of our ancestors to establish what we will. You are needed for in
numbers we gain strength and power.  Mother Africa is under serious
attack and Africans around the world are pressed to the wall. We can't
remain apathetic and not take our own destiny into our own hands. We
face many problems, yet we can, we will, we must come up with our own
solutions to address our problems. We can not nor should we ever expect
the other fellow to do for us what we can and must do for ourselves. What
will our children say about us? Join the UNIA-ACL government today and
become a solid part of helping us find solutions and build for a more
prosperous future. Garvey Lives! Up you Mighty Race We Can
Accomplish What We will!

One God, One Aim, One Destiny!
I remain to humble serve,
President General
Senghor Jawara Baye
Pictures of the
UNIA-ACL 54th International Convention
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - August 17th -21st, 2011

UNIA-ACL Government
International Headquarters
1609 - 1611 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Email Address:


Government Officers:

Senghor Jawara Baye

Akili Nkrumah
1st Assistant President-General

Yaw Kwayke Davis
2nd Assistant President-General

Randolph Pierre
3rd Assistant President-General

Basiymah Muhammad Bey
4th Assistant President-General

Mary Bota

Brenda Dunn Clayton
1st Assistant Secretary-General

Janet Taylor
2nd Assistant Secretary-General

Samia Akoma
High Chancellor

Asim Nkrumah
Auditor General

I-Nia Reginia Rogers
Counsel General

Khabyr Hadas
Minister of Education

Zama Cook
Minister of Information

Chuck Banks
Minister of Labour & Industries

Serwah Nkrumah
Minister of Transportation

Dr. David L. Horne
International Organizer

Lewin S. Bailey
High Commissioner of Canada

Nyata Toure
District Two Commissioner

Kwame Binta
District Three Commissioner

Mensah Saleem
Michigan State Commissioner

Sadie Madison
Administrator – Council of Elders

Marcus Garvey, Jr.
Special Representative

Sababu Nkrumah
Special Representative
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The 54th International
Convention of the
Universal Negro
Communities League,
will convene in
on Wednesday
August 17th, thru
Sunday August 21st,
2011. The convention
is being hosted
by the UNIA-ACL
Thomas W Harvey
Memorial Division 121
and the UNIA-ACL
Biko Division 178
both of
Philadelphia PA.
These Historic pictures can be found on the walls of the
UNIA-ACL Liberty Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (since 1940),
the home of the
Thomas W. Harvey UNIA-ACL Division 121.
Thanks to the members of Division 121 for keeping Ourstory.
55th UNIA-ACL International Convention... Atlanta, Georgia... August  28th - September 1st, 2012