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A Brotherhood Creed
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Recognize Fatherhood as an Honorable Responsibility
Seek and Honor the Institution of Marriage
Know that You Are Made in the Image of God
Develop Short and Long Term Goals
Make Savings a Financial Practice  
Respect and Seek Council from Your Elders
Never Physically or Mentally Abuse Women or Children
Reject Materialism and Avoid Frivolous Spending
Practice Your Culture and Study Your History
Recognize the Value of Volunteering
Stride for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance
Moderately Indulge in Life’s Pleasures
Never Forget to Pay Homage to Your Ancestors
Support and Develop Businesses in Your Community
Provide the Best Shelter Possible for Your Family
Stride to Become the Leader Your Seek
Show Compassion for Those Less Fortunate Than You
Value, Respect and Manage Your Time
Become Environmentally Responsible
Protect Your Family, Friends and Community
Accept Your Responsibility as a Role Model
Make Knowledge a Life-Long Quest
Never See Love or Humility as a Weakness
Help Prepare Young Men for Manhood
Never Be Too Proud to Seek Help
Know When to Fight and When to Retreat
Train and Develop Marketable Skills
Seek Financial Knowledge and Independence
Be Responsible When in Courtship
Practice a Good Diet for Optimal Health
Share Your Mastered Skills With an Apprentice
Become a Citizen of the World
Know That Physical Exercise is a Necessity
Fined Solitude for Personal Mediation
Teach Boys Respect for Woman by Example
Elevate Your Religion to Spirituality
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Warren G
This program is run by our Brotherhood Collective
member Roosevelt Muhammad.  This is a very
outstanding and significant program for black male
fatherhood and development.  We fully support it and
would like for you to either be a presenter or connect
Roosevelt with someone in your network to serve.    
Warren Green, Coordinator, The Brotherhood
Collective @ Morehouse College

Greetings Colleagues

This letter is to solicit collaborative support from you or someone
on your staff as a guest speaker in our “Fulton County Call to
Manhood, Teen DADS Program.” The identified guest speaker
would appear in our “Teen DADS Speakers Forum” brochure /
Teen DADS Program Curriculum outline. During the course of
the program each identified guest speaker may be requested to
present their topic on two separate occasions for the two Teen
DADS classes totaling 20 participants per class.  Please see
attached program flyer, guest speaker contract agreement form
and presenter information data form referencing the items we will
need to coordinate and schedule you into the program. All guest
speakers are requested to turn in their forms no later than
January 19, 2011 in order for our staff to accomplish the
production deadline of our “Teen DADS Speakers Forum”
supplemental brochure. Your participation will also help our teen
dads realize and take advantage of the valuable resources and
services Fulton County has to address their specific needs.

Formerly, Call to Manhood operated as three-day retreat for young
men in Fulton County to learn valuable lessons about life skills,
personal development, and responsibility through workshop speakers.
While this model proved successful, we see an increase need for
sustained, intensive programmatic initiatives that have a well-defined,
measurable impact on the program participants and Fulton County at-
large. The Teen DADS Program will meet these Objectives by
measuring program outcomes and impacts. The program is designed
to target teen fathers 18 years and under in Fulton County.

In closing, we would like to work with the appropriate Fulton County
Resources and Services that support teen fathers in this program. The
Teen DADS program will engage fathers in thorough structured one-
stop support program for young fathers. Exclusive among fatherhood
programs, The Fulton County Teen DADS Program will use the
National Fatherhood Initiative “24/7 DADS” Curriculum that will support
young fathers through comprehensive counseling sessions, multi
support referrals, career counseling, parenting classes, and referrals
for GED programs. Teen DADS will be immersed in a facilitation based
model that will emphasize the fundamental theme to support young
fathers to ensure family stability. Our program will focus on unique
circumstances young fathers face by providing services and
assistance to specifically meet their needs. The overall goal is to
provide young fathers with opportunities and assistance that help them
to develop capabilities enabling them to emotionally nurture and
financially support their children.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your time and consideration in this
very important matter.

Note: Please acknowledge the available dates, time and location on
the attached syllabus starting February 15 – April 19, 2011.

Roosevelt Muhammad

Teen DADS Program Coordinator

Fulton County Department of Human Services

Office of Children and Youth

Office: 404-613-8738

Fax: 404-893-6630
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