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Sponsored by the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)
The d'Zert Club is a Philadelphia-based, non-profit travel
organization founded in 1997 by the husband and wife team
of Ali and Helen Salahuddin. It specializes in coordinating
national and international educational field trips for African
The African Genesis Institute is a proactive, 3 semester,
educational and cultural program for African American youth
between the ages of 7 and 14 focused on developing an
understanding and awareness of the African experience in
America. Over this 27-month period students are exposed to their
rich and extraordinary ancient African history through bi-monthly
classes, seminars and field trips. At the end of the program the
students and group leaders sojourn to Egypt for the Teen Summit
1000 where they examine the land of their ancestors and share
their culture and lifestyle with African youth. The trip to Egypt is
sponsored by the d'Zert Club and is absolutely free to the
students and adults serving as the graduation reward for those
who complete the program.
All those interested in earning this free trip to the Motherland
should call toll free  1-888-257-5991 , email
dzertclub@aol.com or
visit www.africangenesis.org.
Press Release
Free Trip to Egypt for 1000 Students and 500
Sponsored by the The D'Zert Club
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contact: Philip A Salahuddin 215-247-5121

The d'Zert Club and The
African Genesis Institute are
sponsoring a free, all expense
paid, trip to Egypt, North Africa
for 1000 students nationwide
between the ages of 7 and 14
and 500 adult group leaders.

These travelers will participate in the Annual Teen Summit
Egypt REVOLUTION & what it means 2 BLAK FOLK now live
& in color at
www.black2afrika.blogspot.com. U know!
Video interview in which he makes similar statements:
[Submitted by Michael Tilgner and Peter Brand]
Interview with Wafaa el-Saddik about the looting of the Egyptian
Museum, Cairo (13 show-cases were affected, but the Museum is
no longer in danger of the nearby fires):
The Museum in Memphis and its magazines are said to be
English quotes from the above interview:
" TARGET="_blank"><http://hyperallergic.com/17896/egyptian-
museum-looted-by-own-guards-memphis-looted/" TARGET="_blank">>
[Submitted by Peter Brand]
Map of Areas of Looting in Egyptian Museum (pic)
" TARGET="_blank"><http://ancientegyptonline.org/egyptnews/
p/map-of-areas-of-looting-in-egyptian-museum" TARGET="_blank">>

[Next two items submitted by Kat Newkirk]


"(..) Reports also are circulating about looters at the Supreme
Council of Antiquities' storage magazine in Qantara Sharq, as well
as some other magazines in South Saqqara.
Indeed, Abusir and Saqqara are reported to have suffered great
"All the sealed tombs were entered last night. Only the Imhotep
Museum and the adjacent central magazines are currently
protected by the military.
Large gangs are digging day and night everywhere," Hanna said."
" TARGET="_blank"><http://news.discovery.com/archaeology/tut-
family-mummies-damaged-in-egypt-riots.html" TARGET="_blank">>

"The mummies of King Tutankhamun's great-grandparents might
have had their heads ripped off as a result of the recent turmoil in
Egypt, according to  reports beginning to circulate on the Internet.
Dramatic Al Jazeera footage suggests that the two mummies
at the Egyptian museum might be those of Yuya and Tjuya, which
recent DNA tests identified as King Tut's great-grandparents.
Indeed, the gilded, open-work cartonnage case shown on Al
belongs to Tjuya, according to Margaret Maitland, a D.Phil.
candidate in Egyptology at the University of Oxford.
"The case was placed directly on Tjuya's body, so it is doubtful
that it could have been removed without damaging her mummy.
suggests that the two  mummies mentioned by Dr. Zahi Hawass as
being beheaded and severely damaged may be those of Yuya and
They are important historical figures, as well as two of the best
preserved mummies from ancient Egypt, so it would indeed be  
tragic if this is true," Maitland writes in her blog.
The Al Jazeera footage also shows that wooden statues from the
tomb of King  Tutankhamun have been smashed.
Much destruction appears to have been dealt a wooden boat that
Maitland identified as coming from the tomb of Meseti at
"It's one of the largest model boats in existence and it dates to
approximately 2000 B.C., so over it's 4,000 years old. Very sad,"
said Maitland."
[Submitted by Peter Brand]
The blog of Margaret Maitland mentioned/quoted above is at
[Submitted by Thierry Benderitter]
You can find a telephone interview with Jane Akhshar, who lives on
the West bank here:
She says that things are quiet though the police has disappeared.
Travel with Runoko:
Antiquities and the Unrest in Egypt