Kwame Lyndon
Friends of the Congo
Atlanta, Georgia


Email Address:

Dear Friends,
I greet you in the name of many Congolese youth who are
seeking to ride the winds of change that blew from the African
youth revolution in Soweto in 1976 to the streets of Cairo today,
and making its way across the Atlantic to America, symbolized by
the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As we embark upon the fourth annual Breaking The Silence: Congo
Week, October 16 - 22, 2011, I would like to bring you up-to-date on the
global movement in support of the Congo.

Congo Week continues to grow both inside and outside of the Congo as people
throughout the globe utilize Congo Week to articulate the challenges and potential
that exist in the heart of Africa. Since we launched Congo Week in October 2008,
over 60 countries and 300 university campuses and communities have joined us in
the global call for justice for the people of Congo. Over 200 Congolese
organizations reiterated the global appeal for justice, accountability and an end to
the impunity by calling for international action on the recommendations of the
United Nations Mapping Exercise Report.

Your role in Breaking the Silence by demanding justice for the people is making a
difference. More people are becoming informed, educated and engaged. Your
actions, no matter how small, are strengthening the resolve of the youth and
others inside the Congo who are waging a courageous fight, day and night to bring
about peace, stability and human dignity. Knowing that they have the support of
people of goodwill throughout the globe makes a tremendous difference.

The key teaching tool for Congo Week IV is Friends of the Congo's short
"Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth." Since its launch,
over 100,000 people have viewed the film on YouTube and over 1,000 people
have downloaded it to view or screen in their homes and communities.
throughout the Congo are using the film as a teaching tool during Congo Week;
we encourage you to do the same by downloading the film here:

The youth of the Congo who represent the majority of the people are encouraging
you to continue to support our fight for justice and human dignity. In the past year,
our youth partners have made great strides in strengthening their capacity in the
quest to bring about peace and stability in the Congo. We encourage you to
participate in our special contest to support the youth of the Congo and their
pursuit for social change.

Key Organizers in Japan, Australia, France, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Ireland,
Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, The United States and many other countries are
joining with our partners inside the Congo to call for justice for the people.
Organize or participate in an event or activity for Congo Week on your university
campus, in your home, religious institution, community center or any other venue in
your community. Should you be in New York during Congo Week, join us for Congo
in Harlem - a week of film screenings, performances, panel discussions,
exhibitions, tributes and special events highlighting Congolese cultures and its
people's contribution to the global community.

This is an historic opportunity for you to be a part of the global movement to bring
an end to what is the greatest humanitarian crisis at the dawn of the 21st century
and the deadliest conflict since World War Two. Seize the moment and become a
part of a noble pursuit for justice and human dignity in the heart of Africa, my
home, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kambale Musavuli
Student Coordinator
Friends of the Congo

Remember to post your event on the events calendar:

Share the Congo Week promotional video:

Sign-up for Congo Week!

Download Congo Week Organizers Tool Kit and Materials:

Support the Congo Week Benefit Concert:

Participate in the CELL-OUT, on October 21, 2011. The CELL-OUT is a digital
moment of silence for the people of the Congo and the usage of our cell phones to
mobilize support for the people in their pursuit for social change.
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