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A ‘little Namibia’ within Namibia - by Desie Heita

03 September 2009

WINDHOEK – Developers of a cultural village on the outskirts of Etosha
National Park are aiming beyond a village – they intend to create a ‘Little
Namibia’ replete with all ethnics and the old and the deepest roots in the
country, from Namas to the Germans, and a dash of apartheid
administration, to fully showcase Namibia’s rich history and culture.

By June next year, the developers wish to have the first 10 villages on
site. The entire project will take five years to complete.

“The response so far has been amazing, with institutions expressing
various interests in the project,” the project development consultant
Antoine Mbok told New Era.

The village will be 18 kilometres from Oshivelo, on a strategic location
close to Etosha National Park. The area will include an old army base that
was used by the South African forces during the war, which the
developers want to refurbish to show how the occupation forces lived.

Each traditional authority will have its piece of land on which to put up a
traditional household to depict its way of living. In total, there will be about
50 villages on site.

Mbok says the village will allow tourists to take an otherwise inaccessible
peep into the daily lives of Namibia’s ethnic villages deeply inserted in the

“It would give tourists a unique feel and experience as well as insight into
Namibia’s tribes and villagers’ rich traditions and way of life,” he said.

Developers are the Centre for Resource and Transformation, a non-
governmental organisation formed in 1989.

The estimated total bill for the village hovers around N$300 million over
five years, with the first phase ending in June 2010.

The company says it aims at “ensuring that developmental projects are
consistent with national socio-economic priorities and development plans
as formulated and advised by Government’s Vision 2030.

Developers say they have since last year contacted all recognised
traditional authorities in Namibia with an offer of 5 000 square meters
within the cultural village to build their traditional homes and display their
culture and traditions and share in the profits made through ticket sales
for the cultural village.

Mbok says this presents an opportunity for traditional authorities in
Namibia to receive permanent monthly income deriving from cultural
village activities.

People will occupy villages on a full-time basis, with their stock, to “create
the real image, a snap shot of the actual life in rural areas”.

The village will also feature a museum and will have on the side modern
accommodation facilities, as well as other services, to cater for nearby
communities and tourists.
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