This is an excerpt of an extended article on "Repatriation &
AfRaKan Diasporans" shared in Maat, Djehuty, Sesheta M Ptah
By Nesu Neb Ka Ra of Per Ankh Khamniversity

I am reaching out to those who share maatikal respect, integrity and loyalty for action initiatives to preserve,
secure and honor our AfRaKan Nation-"at home and abroad" .  I share this as it is imperative that we must
take some drastic measures to insure our place in our ancestral homelands before those claiming to be the
present stewards give it all away to everyone else except their own...It is beyond time for an Atonement of our
Ancestral Nations in Present Times-let's live that level of transformation in 2012-Why wait?

We need to start somewhere and I think we need to begin with long-term lease agreements for land within the
AfRaKan continents of a minimum of 50 to 100 years with arrangements that when funds become available
permanent agreements may be established or outright transfers of sovereign lands with alliance relationships
are to be instituted.  Cases and points that may surface include yet are not limited to the following:
How did the African Hebrew Israelites acquire or gain access to land in occupied Palestine-Israel? Did the
Israeli government grant them sovereign land?
How did the Akwamu-Ashanti-Akan Nation make land available to Diasporans via Fihankra?
How did Ethiopia make land available to the Rastafarians?
How did land in Liberia got transferred to Diasporan African American settlers?
Why should Diasporan Africans be denied their rights to the land of their ancestry if they are considered to
be part of the AU's Sixth Region?
How can Diasporan Africans meet certain criteria of sovereignty to be able to freely and independently
conduct and perform matters of state and national affairs if they do not have some land that can be identified
as sovereign land for comparable recognition as equal sovereign nations like other AU members?
One of the main reasons why we continue to lag behind with African affairs is because we AfRaKans in the
Diaspora are collectively too passive and complacent on such matters-especially in regards to repatriation,
reparation and related issues...From the days of  the Honorable Marcus Garvey and those of the Noble Rev.
Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden as well as other African visionaries, it has been more than a century of
discussions, summits and plans of repatriation.  Our situation in the diaspora has gotten worse when it comes
to controlling the land and resources of our ancestral homelands.  As AfRaKan Diasporans collectively,
collaboratively and assertively secure access to lands in Africa FIRST,  then engaging in international
negotiations and resolution summits with world powers like the US and others about assistance to go home
may actually be respected.  If we do not secure land first, then the private corporations will continue to use
African nations and the AU as they are presently doing to keep us from returning home in a quantitative and
qualitative manner.

AfRaKan Diasporans have a right to present, discuss and recommend solutions on these matters to AU
representatives-preferably the full body in a logical and diplomatic manner.  Many are asking why are
attempts being made to be a part of an organizational entity that appears to be creating institutional barriers
and criteria to bar AfRaKan Diasporans from participating in the development and future of our ancestral
homelands.   Many have assertively stated that AfRaKan Diasporans should not and do not have to beg the
AU or any other colonial modern state country in Africa to return home-especially in light of the TransAtlantic
Enslavement Maangamizi.  While criteria and protocols are being arranged and established for AfRaKan
Diasporan involvement in the AU- the only criteria that the big multinational capitalist-imperialist corporations
and members of the big 8 industrial nations need to have is financial power that has permitted them to do
what they desire in Africa-to a point.  While the status quo negotiations for AfRaKan Diasporans to engage
with the AU are in process via the SRDC initiatives, many are asserting the implementation of simultaneous
negotiations for other methods of achieving the same goals of African Unity and secure institutional
re-establishment of a New African World Union.

Inquiries and concerns that have been raised include yet are not limited to the following:
Most African nations have allowed the borders of their colonial state countries to remain as dividing factors
based on the exploiting colonial nations that divided Africa in 1884 during the Berlin Conference.  
Modifications in this regard along ethnic and national lines are necessary.
Pan Arab interests via some of the "North African" countries determine the select destiny of Africa, but the AU
member states that are not Pan Arabists are not seated at the table to determine the fate of the Pan Arab
world.  This lack of reciprocity in AfRaKan affairs is an historical concern.
While our AfRaKan ancestral homelands are being taken, exploited and profited from by the pirates and
criminals of the planet, AfRaKan Diasporans have been engaged in a host of bureaucratic processes just in
order to sit at the table that others are afforded so freely.  This must change.
Ethnic Kingdoms in Ghana have made efforts to make land available to AfRaKan Diasporans to repatriate as
exemplified in the Fihankra Nation initiative.  While this has been an impressive and aggressive movement to
many, their have been questionable areas raised inclusive of the lack of foundation of most names for
Indigenous Ancestral People of "Africa" that tend to ignore the names or claims in our historical realities like
others of our AfRaKan Ancestral Nations such as Israel, Nation of Islam, Britain, Spain, Saudi Arabia etc.  
Another area to heal, repair and ascend beyond!
Many AfRaKan Diasporans have been in exile-forcefully, willingly and desirous of never returning to the
East.   Many remained in the continent and were charged with the responsibility to protect and safeguard it.  
This is another area of our heritage restoration.
Many neglect to remember that some of our ancestors were sold for capital gain by the ancestors of some of
these same countries and nations who now desire to use us as financial slaves even on our return to our
indigenous lands in the 21st century.
Many have allowed every invader to come to Africa's shores and lands to plunder its' treasures of riches and
resources while murdering, enslaving, colonizing, and mentally indoctrinating its' most precious resources:
Our Indigenous  AfRaKan Black People.  We must shift the paradigm!

...We AfRaKans in the Diaspora are in a unique situation.  We are still suffering from the after effects of 500+
years of captivity, enslavement, indoctrination and miseducation, and are hated by the western supremacist
institutionalized system and its' architects that enslaved us.  We do not have a nation or country that we can
say is our nation of sovereignty that was designed and formulated by our people and for our people-that the
world powers respect, recognize and honor.  In Africa, we do not have land or a nation that we can say is ours
for our return home- UNLESS we have the financial capital, resources and means to "buy those rights".  So,
where should we turn and what must we do?  I say when one has a problem one must face the problem and
begin to solve the problem by studying the problem from its known variables and apply the proper operations,
and logical methods and principles to find the hidden answer in the variables and elements of the problem.  
We are destined by Divine Right and Order to do something and turn this situation around and transform this
mentality of listening to those that do not in essence have our well being at heart.

Share perspectives that are solution based and with recommendations for our Beyond 2012 Working Summit
scheduled for Summer 2012 details TBA.... Nesu Neb KaRa

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