What is MOSIAH?............
MOSIAH is 31 days of observance and celebration of the life and legacy of the Most
Eminent Prophet & King His Excellency Marcus Mosiah Garvey. In 1998, The
Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement under the leadership of Bro.Ldr.Mbandaka, renamed &
designated the 8th Month of the year as MOSIAH, coinsiding with the Birthmonth of the
prophet & the UNIA-ACL's (Papa Garyvey's organisation) "International Convention of
The Afrikan People of The World". Marcus Mosiah Garvey lead the the largest and most
comprehensive movement built in the name of Black Power, Afrikan Freedom and Self
Reliance. All proud, strong and ambitious people celebrate the great events and great
people of there history. We celebrate MOSIAH not just for historical significance, but to
ignite the spirit, mission and vision of this outstanding leader, in the hearts and minds
of Afrikan (Black) people everywhere so that we may as the prophet said.....
Join us as we celebrate a great man, and a great legacy!
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Europe's War Against Illegal Immigrants
Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:33 AM
From: "Concerned Migrants" <>To:
By: Geoffrey Chapp-Jumbo

In the past few years, Europe has been battling to stem the flow of
illegal African immigrants. In the seventies and eighties, the plethora
of migration from Africa to the outside world took the form of students
leaving the shores of Africa in search of the Golden Fleece, and
holiday makers leaving in droves to different parts of Europe and
America. This was when most African countries had robust and
healthy economies.

The approximately 40 developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa form a
diverse group in terms of economic structure, income levels, policies and
performance. While some are endowed with large deposit of mineral
resources to support their economies, others are doubly disadvantaged by
poor resources and a landlocked location which raises transport costs.
Almost all sub-Saharan African countries are poor; many have low levels of
income per person and with severe poverty among large parts of the

Another chink in the armour of the sub-Saharan African countries is their predominantly
rural character and their low levels of industrial development. Their exports consist
mainly of primary commodities whose prices are vulnerable to changes in the
international market. Most of the Sahel countries in the region are always afflicted by
serious drought, with the concomitant dire consequences. Because sub-Saharan
African countries are vulnerable to imperfections in primary commodity markets with
unstable prices.

In their bid to balance their terms of trade, they end up taking loans from the IMF. The
recipient countries always end up having their national currencies devalued. This
devaluation has crippled their once robust economies. Most of the countries are
overburdened with overdue loan repayment regimen. In most cases, hunger, famine,
war, and natural disasters seemed to have triggered waves of migration to the west.
Added to this is the fact that unemployment rate in most sub-Saharan African countries
has risen astronomically. Young school leavers find it difficult to get paid employment.
The only option left for most of them is to follow the line of least resistance by migrating
to Europe to eke out a living.

Net immigration flows continue as long as there is a wide gap in income per head
between the sending and the receiving countries. Because of the battered and
comatose state of most sub-Saharan African countries' economy, there is a wide gap in
the income per head between the African countries and the receiving countries of
Europe. This seemed to have triggered the flow of mass migration to Europe.

The EU countries of Spain, Italy and France all have maritime frontiers temptingly nearer
poorer countries on the African continent. Immigrants from sub-Saharan African
countries are irresistibly lured to Europe. These EU countries have experienced an
upsurge in the inflow of African illegals and, over the years, they had pooled their
resources to stem the tide. They partnered and networked by enacting more stringent
laws. Apart from introducing sound and stricter immigration control measures, they
equally provided a flotilla of Naval ships and Coast Guard vessels to patrol the
Mediterranean Sea to track down boats ferrying illegal immigrants. Squadrons of
spotter aircraft have equally been provided for aerial patrol and surveillance of the
Mediterranean sky line. High rise observation posts have equally been built at
designated coastal points where watchmen with high powered binoculars will be on the
look out for infiltrators.

The EU has discovered that all these measures have not deterred would-be migrants
from embarking on the perilous trip to Europe. The brass hats at the Brussels EU
headquarters have discovered that no number of Spanish, French and Italian warships
in the Mediterranean are likely to reverse this natural law - human beings have always
wanted to escape poverty, misery and today, many Africans see Europe as their final
destination where they can earn a living.

Cases of dug out canoes ferrying illegal African migrants capsizing off the coast of
Spain, Italy and France abound these days. In most of the incidents, many occupants of
these rickety boats got drowned. These EU countries have equally been shouldering
the huge cost of keeping the rescued migrants at the various holding centres. Added to
this is the huge repatriation cost equally borne by the EU countries.

Recently, the EU opened a job centre in Senegal. Senegal was chosen because it is a
take off point for journeys to the Canary Islands. The job centre offers seasonal contract
jobs to Senegalese and other sub-Saharan Africans to work in hotels in Spain and as
fruit pickers in orchards in Spain, France and Italy. The number of applicants usually
exceeds the openings, as it is now a job lottery.

In October 2008, the EU opened its first immigration centre outside Europe in Mali's
capital, Bamako. The new centre is aimed at helping would-be migrants to find legal
work in Europe and reduce illegal migration. The office will offer guidance and
counseling on legal migration and help with job training and search for work in Europe.
It will also raise awareness about the dangers of illegal migration. This is the best
solution ever proffered by the EU in tackling this intractable problem.

With the job centres now in place, would-be migrants will now know that it makes
sense for an immigrant to enter Europe through legal channels and not through the
back-door, so that the rights of the immigrant will be protected at any point in time in his
country of domicile. They can equally demand and receive fair pay for their work.

This new initiative by the EU will go a long way in stemming the flow of illegal African
immigrants. It is envisaged that with time, the EU will open new job centres in Nigeria,
Ghana, the DRC, Cameroun and other countries in order not to overstretch the facilities
at the Dakar and Bamako job centres. The EU has got it right this time around and,
coupled with the yearly injection of Foreign Direct Investment into the economies of
sub-Saharan African countries, African youths will have an enabling environment to take
part in private entrepreneurship, thereby taking them off the perilous and hazardous
trans-Atlantic sea journeys to Europe.

Chapp-Jumbo is Asst. Comptroller of Immigration.
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