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The DCAF Minutes - Saturday Session, 2 August 08

By David Rambeau, coordinator, writer, organizer, communicator

. We met Saturday at B&Bs 4200 Woodward corner of Willis, starting at 2 p.m. and continued till 6
p.m. covering a range of topics.  We got into a discussion of love poems and asked that folk who
attend next Saturday compose and present a lyric, poem, song or story on love.  A bit off track, but
why not.after we finish our business.

. Kim - brought and discussed her film.  We discussed her premiering her work at the Manoogian
Hall at WSU during the C&F.  She also indicated that she does graphics, so I asked her to do a
DCAF poster design for us.    She also brought her laptop, she's online, and brought her
camcorder.  If you can, please do the same.   She taped us, and I hope she will edit and post
them under TDMP, Thedamu Presents. on the Internet.  

. Mama Rice - brought her remarks to the discussion.

. Eddie -brought his remarks to the discussion.   We need him to follow up w/ his graphic
designer, and follow up on the theater management proposal we're working on, and w/ D.vine re
our Black Stages annual report, and on fund-raising.

. Chris - did some important networking with Dione Saturday.  You should network too.  We look
forward to his next edition of MBIG which we hope will include some data on the DCAF.

. David - always outreaching for skilled people to participate in the DCAF and you should too.  We
need more local talent and energy.  We meet again next Saturday at 2 p.m.  Bring a friend.

. TP - discussed the progress on his production at Bert's.  He'll need a lot of design input.  I hope
designers of all stripes are getting ready to step forward.  He also provided a graphic designer to

. Dione - volunteered another graphic designer referral.  Please get a poster holder and bring
your poster for all to see.  You're scheduled to do an FMP spot re your poster and the DCAF.  We
also need you to begin to look at developing the DCAF poster for next year.  (As we need all
graphic designers to begin to look forward to next year's DCAF poster)

. Nicholas - a student and potential graphic designer offered his remarks at our session.
. Others not at our Saturday Session

.      Shakaira - offered to contact another potential graphic designer to design an a DCAF poster

.      Nix - called in

.      D'vine - needs to contact Eddy about paying our annual Black Stages fee

Eddy and I have made an offer to a venue for a theater management arrangement.  We'll keep
you posted on the outcome.

Projection - it will take 3 years or three Septembers for us to work out the kinks, to learn how to
produce the DCAF.  We have a planner's vision or journey.  This is only our first year.  It takes
practice, practice, practice.

Caution:  Beware of anybody trying to run an email scam on you for funds using my email
address.  Someone has stolen my password to davidrambeau@hotmail.com and has been
contacting people to send them money.  Beware.

Graphic designers.  Bring your work to show it, to sell it.  Get a poster case.  D'vine, Dione, Greg,
and all other g/d's.

Potential videographers for the DCAF.  Kim Rice, Will Amos, George Williamson, Deborah Snead.

Communication.  The Saturday sessions develop the bonding process, help us to learn names,
network, break bread together, get acquainted with one another and brain-storm.   They have both
a formal and informal value.  After the business discussion, I was involved in a Pinteresque
situation.  One person was talking opposite me when another person erupted in my right ear.  
Sometimes they talked consecutively, sometimes simultaneously.  I listened to both of them,
sometimes consecutively, sometimes simultaneously.  At times I held another conversation with
someone on my left.   If they noticed, they didn't object.  This went on for quite a while as the
length of the session described.  And so we enjoyed the afternoon.  Maybe next week I'll try four.  
All on different topics.  That might  be a challenge.

Plan ahead.  In 2009 the third weekend is 19, 20, 21, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Check a 2009

Monday - C McFarland came to the studio and purchased a couple of Black Masks mags.  I still
have a few left, and Neh Pitts may have some.  $3 apiece.

Kelly Salaam, of Artists Village, called in and volunteered some names of graphic designers, and
also expressed interest in attending our next session.  We still interested in bringing folk aboard.  
Supported by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Project BAIT - Black Awareness In Television,  April 2009

To:  All Theater People

100 copies of the Urban Theater Magazine, Premiere Edition, are available
for you and your team at fund-raising wholesale prices.  The cost is $150
cash and carry.  These you can sell for $3 each and recoup your investment
and make a profit.  Moreover, you can insert a flyer in the magazine to
promote your business, political or religious interests.  For more info on the
UTM access our website: projectbait.blakgold.net or call: David Rambeau
313-871-3333  RSVP.

In addition we are calling for articles, 1,000 - 1,500 words, for our next edition.  

The Urban Theater Magazine is seeking performing arts articles (theater, film,
television and radio) and original theater poster designs for its next edition.

For detailed info check out our website: projectbait.blakgold.net and email your
query to davidrambeau@hotmail.com or call 313-871-3333.  Thanks.

Urban Theater Magazine  Get it while you can
because soon they will be a collector's items and double in price.  Use them to train your theater
group members.  Each article is worthy of discussion.  When you have an audition you can sell
copies and hold a discussion.  When you have a show, you can sell copies. Raise funds and
re-enforce your audience.  

In the premiere edition of the Urban Theater Magazine we feature articles by:
LeBron Ford, A Memoir - Songs for My Daughters
Ed Morisseau, Towards A Black Theater
David Rambeau, The Importance of History
and Mark Wells. Negritude Theatre In Brazil

It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

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