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We are dedicated to making sure our ancestors (that suffered on the slave
shipes) did not die in vain. To honor them it is necessary for us to unite we
know we must unite and take care of our own ethnic group.
We will never forget!
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Hello, Hello, Hello

My brothers and sisters

I need your help.

Please join me in teaching our people the truth and show
them how great we really are.
That will only be done when we bring together a small
group of true Black people.
If you don't know the difference between true Black
people, Negroes and Niggers you really need to come to
our open discussion this Saturday. We've got to stop
teaching our people the logic this system need us to teach
and start giving our people the truth, because the truth is
suppose to set us free.

This is (2011) don’t you think it is time for us to get off the
southbound train and get on the northbound train? (Well) the
only to do that is to get off the southbound train and get on the
northbound train “BUT” you will not be allowed on the
northbound train with ANY baggage from the southbound train.
So come and join me and allow me to teach you new logic,
procedures and definitions.

I know what the southbound train taught us about NEW, SO, I
wiill tell you if your way of thinking is baggage from the
southbound train.

We must stop supporting southbound train supremacy!!!!!!!

I’m sorry for getting so far off the favor I wanted to ask you for;
if you would, please read this flyer and help me make it better.

Thanks, Dr. Bro. L. L.       


P.S. feel free to spread the word about Saturday!!

What is the Black Pill Leadership organization for young and

It is a small group of Black people that is dedicated to learning,
living and teaching a social lifestyle that will make the Black
race respected and self-sufficient in our lifetime without dues,
donations or grants.

Join us if you want to overcome the poverty and injustice we as
a people face in this system. We are building a communally
owned corporation and growing a social network, to provide the
social and financial resources needed to support, protect and
defend our families and community without dues, donations or

Join us for our first open discussion Saturday January 8, 2011
from 2-3 pm at the Cleveland Ave. Park basketball Court. ½
mile East of I-75 (Behind the library.)

Ride Marta Rt. 78 from East point station. We need you to
spread the word.

For more information call Dr. Bro. L. L. 404 293-4121
P. S. B.Y.O.B, Snacks & chair.
Brother LL
The Black Pill
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 603rd Member

404 293-4121

Email Address:

“Functional Unity is that
level or quality of social
organization and
structure that naturally
aids members of a social
group in building power
to control the economic,
political and cultural life of
their community or
nation. Further,
Unity is a permanent
system and
infrastructure through
which the community
promotes and
protects its vital
Welcome to the Home of the
"No other people should have
more information on Black People,
than the information that Black
People have on ourselves"

Whenever I let Negroes know that I really love our race and want to unite with true Black people Have
you ever wondered how deeply indoctrinated this system has made most Black people? to help make
it respected and self-sufficient, their silence or their devil’s advocate rebuttal shows their displeasure
with what I am saying. I call a radio show in Atlanta on the AM dial from time to time; the female Host
of the early morning show laugh uncontrollably when I tell her a plan for doing exactly what most of
our people say we need to do. (Unite) Not only is that, host indoctrinated to hate our race; you don’t
know it but you too were subconsciously programmed to hate our race too much to join me and
attend meetings to study logic and procedures that will make our race respected and self-sufficient.
The question is what will you do with this information? Will you accept it and become mad enough at
this system to join the Black Pill leadership organization or will you show me that you also are not able
to care that much about our race? Call me if you are able to care about our future generations and I
will show you the truth about this system’s lies and teach you how we can overcome. Take the Black
Pill! Call Dr. Bro. L.L. Hill 404 293-4121
I want to know if you are
interested in talking about
the subject of really
creating unity in the Black

I have noticed that members of the Black
community are not usually able to truly talk about
that subject.

I wonder if the (A.B. R. S. H), disease. Anti Black race self
hate. disease, which this system started giving all Black
children before we turned two years old is the

reason our people can't really have a desire to overcome.

I say that because after giving many of our people a simple
solution to make our race respected and self-sufficient I haven't
located more than one member of our race that was able to
make a true commitment to examine the plan.  

The people that refuse to examine my plan always tell me  that I
shouldn't waste my time trying to help Black people because the
white man will not allow my plan be successful..

Please let me know what you think.   

Unity and wealth unto you my sister.

Dr. Bro. L. L.

The self-taught anger management specialist and the first
God's Children and
Elders Think Tank
Social / Financial
Support and Action
The only true Black
Unity/Social Rights
Organization that don't
accept dues and