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So who is Nat Turner?
Well for those that do not know, Nat Turner was born in Southampton,
Virginia on 2nd October, 1800. Nat, the son of slaves, was the property of
Benjamin Turner, a prosperous plantation owner (in those days, the slaves
always took on the surname of their latest slave master). Nat's mother and
grandmother had been brought to America from Africa and had a deep
hatred of slavery.

Nat grew up sharing his mother's view of slavery. Taught to read by his master's son,
Nat developed deep religious beliefs and encouraged by his parents, gradually began
to believe that God had chosen him to lead his people out of slavery.

In 1831 Turner was sold to Joseph Travis. In February of that year an eclipse of the sun
convinced Turner that this was a supernatural sign from God to start an insurrection. However,
it wasn't until August 21st that Turner and about seven other slaves killed Travis and his family
to launch his rebellion. In all, about 50 whites were killed.

Turner had hoped this his action would cause a massive slave uprising but only 75 joined his
rebellion. Over 3,000 members of the state militia were sent to deal with Turner's rebellion, and
they were soon defeated. In retaliation, more than a hundred innocent slaves were killed.
Turner went into hiding but was captured six weeks later. Nat Turner was executed on 11th
November, 1831.

And for those that do not know, Nat was also one of the main inspirational heroes of the Hon
Marcus Garvey


Agreeable to his own appointment, on the evening he was committed to prison, with permission
of the jailer, I visited NAT on Tuesday the 1st November, when, without being questioned at all,
he commenced his narrative in the following words:—


SIR,—YOU have asked me to give a history of the motives which induced me to undertake the
late insurrection, as you call it—To do so I must go back to the days of my infancy, and even
before I was born.


I was thirty-one years of age the 2nd of October last, and born the property of Benj. Turner, of
this county. In my childhood a circumstance occurred which made an indelible impression on my
mind, and laid the ground work of that enthusiasm, which has terminated so fatally to many,
both white and black, and for which I am about to atone at the gallows. It is here necessary to
relate this circumstance—trifling as it may seem, it was the commencement of that belief which
has grown with time, and even now, sir, in this dungeon, helpless and forsaken as I am, I cannot
divest myself of.

Early signs of divine election

Being at play with other children, when three or four years old, I was telling them something,
which my mother overhearing, said it had happened before I was born—I stuck to my story,
however, and related something which went, in her opinion, to confirm it—others being called on
were greatly astonished, knowing that these things had happened, and caused them to say in
my hearing, I surely would be a prophet, as the Lord had shewn me things that had happened
before my birth. And my father and mother strengthened me in this my first impression, saying in
my presence, I was intended for some great purpose, which they had always thought from
certain marks on my head and breast—[a parcel of excrescences which I believe are not at all
uncommon, particularly among Negroes, as I have seen several with the same. In this case he
has either cut them off or they have nearly disappeared]—


My grand mother, who was very religious, and to whom I was much attached—my master, who
belonged to the church, and other religion persons who visited the house, and whom I often saw
at prayers, noticing the singularity of my manners, I suppose, and my uncommon intelligence for
a child, remarked I had too much sense to be raised, and if I was, I would never be of any
service to any one as a slave—To a mind like mine, restless, inquisitive and observant of every
thing that was passing, it is easy to suppose that religion was the subject to which it would be
directed, and although this subject principally occupied my thoughts—there was nothing that I
saw or heard of to which my attention was not directed—


The manner in which I learned to read and write, not only had great influence on my own mind,
as I acquired it with the most perfect ease, so much so that I have no recollection whatever of
learning the alphabet—but to the astonishment of the family, one day, when a book was shewn
me to keep me from crying, I began spelling the names of different objects—this was a source of
wonder to all in the neighborhood, particularly the blacks—and this learning was constantly
improved at all opportunities—


when I got large enough to go to work, while employed, I was reflecting on many things that
would present themselves to my imagination, and whenever an opportunity occurred of looking
at a book, when the school children were getting their lessons, I would find many things that the
fertility of my own imagination had depicted to me before; all my time, not devoted to my
master's service, was spent either in prayer, or in making experiments in casting different things
in moulds made of earth, in attempting to make paper, gun powder, and many other
experiments, that although I could not perfect, yet convinced me of its practicability if I had the
means.(* When questioned as to the manner of manufacturing those different articles, he was
found well informed on the subject.)


I was not addicted to stealing in my youth, nor have ever been—Yet such was the confidence of
the negroes in the neighborhood, even at this early period of my life, in my superior judgment,
that they would often carry me with them when they were going on any roguery, to plan for
tbem. Growing up among them, with this confidence in my superior judgrnent, and when this, in
their opinions, was perfected by Divine inspiration, from the circumstances already alluded to in
my infancy, and which belief was ever afterwards zealously inculcated by the austerity of my life
and manners, which became the subject of remark by white and black.—


Having soon discovered to be great, I must appear so, and therefore studiously avoided mixing
in society, and wrapped myself in mystery, devoting my time to fasting and prayer.—


By this time, having arrived to man's estate, and hearing the scriptures commented on at
meetings, I was struck with that particular passage which says: "Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven
and all things shall be added unto you." I reflected much on this passage, and prayed daily for
light on this subject—As I was praying one day at my plough, the spirit spoke to me, saying
"Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.


Question—what do you mean by the Spirit. Ans. The Spirit that spoke to the prophets in former


and I was greatly astonished, and for two years prayed continually, whenever my duty would
permit—and then again I had the same revelation, which fully confirmed me in the impression
that I was ordained for some great purpose in the hands of the Almighty.


Several years rolled round, in which many events occurred to strengthen me in this my belief. At
this time I reverted in my mind to the remarks made of me in my childhood, and the things that
had been shewn me—and as it had been said of me in my childhood by those by whom I had
been taught to pray, both white and black, and in whom I had the greatest confidence, that I had
too much sense to be raised. and if I was, I would never be of any use to any one as a slave.
Now finding I had arrived to man's estate, and was a slave, and these revelations being made
known to me, I began to direct my attention to this great object, to fulfil the purpose for which, by
this time, I felt assured I was intended.


Knowing the influence I had obtained over the minds of my fellow servants, (not by the means of
conjuring and such like tricks—for to them I always spoke of such things with contempt) but by
the communion of the Spirit whose revelations I often communicated to them, and they believed
and said my wisdom came from God. I now began to prepare them for my purpose, by telling
them something was about to happen that would terminate in fulfilling the great promise that had
been made to me—

Escape and Voluntary Return as First Prophetic Act

About this time I was placed under an overseer, from whom I ran away—and after remaining in
the woods thirty days, I returned, to the astonishment of the negroes on the plantation, who
thought I had made my escape to some other part of the country, as my father had done before.
But the reason of my return was, that the Spirit appeared to me and said I had my wishes
directed to the things of this world, and not to the kingdom of Heaven, and that I should return to
the service of my earthly master—"For he who knoweth his Master's will, and doeth it not, shall
be beaten with many stripes, and thus have I chastened you." And the negroes found fault, and
murmurred [sic] against me, saying that if they had my sense they would not serve any master
in the world.

Prophetic Call and Vision Sequence

And about this time I had a vision—and I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle,
and the sun was darkened—the thunder rolled in the Heavens, and blood flowed in streams—
and I heard a voice saying, "Such is your luck, such you are called to see, and let it come rough
or smooth, you must surely bare it." I now withdrew myself as much as my situation would permit,
from the intercourse of my fellow servants, for the avowed purpose of serving the Spirit more
fully—and it appeared to me, and reminded me of the things it had already shown me, and that
it would then reveal to me the knowledge of the elements, the revolution of the planets, the
operation of tides, and changes of the seasons.


After this revelation in the year 1825, and the knowledge of the elements being made known to
me, I sought more than ever to obtain true holiness before the great day of judgment should
appear, and then I began to receive the true knowledge of faith.


And from the first steps of righteousness until the last, was I made perfect; and the Holy Ghost
was with me, and said, "Behold me as I stand in the Heavens"—and I looked and saw the forms
of men in different attitudes—and there were lights in the sky to which the children of darkness
gave other names than what they really were—for they were the lights of the Saviour's hands,
stretched forth from east to west, even as they were extended on the cross on Calvary for the
redemption of sinners.


And I wondered greatly at these miracles, and prayed to be informed of a certainty of the
meaning thereof— and shortly afterwards, while laboring in the field, I discovered drops of blood
on the corn as though it were dew from heaven—and I communicated it to many, both white and
black, in the neighborhood— and I then found on the leaves in the woods hieroglyphic
characters, and numbers, with the forms of men in different attitudes, portrayed in blood, and
representing the figures I had seen before in the heavens.

Meaning of the visions revealed

And now the Holy Ghost had revealed itself to me, and made plain the miracles it had shown
me—For as the blood of Christ had been shed on this earth, and had ascended to heaven for
the salvation of sinners, and was now returning to earth again in the form of dew—and as the
leaves on the trees bore the impression of the figures I had seen in the heavens, it was plain to
me that the Saviour was about to lay down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and the
great day of judgment was at hand.

Miraculous confirmation

About this time I told these things to a white man, (Ethelred T. Brantley) on whom it had a
wonderful effect—and he ceased from his wickedness, and was attacked immediately with a
cutaneous eruption, and blood ozed [sic] from the pores of his skin, and after praying and
fasting nine days, he was healed,


and the Spirit appeared to me again, and said, as the Saviour had been baptised so should we
be also—and when the white people would not let us be baptised by the church, we went down
into the water together, in the sight of many who reviled us, and were baptised by the Spirit—
after this I rejoiced greatly, and gave thanks to God.

Vision of Revolt

And on the 12th of May, 1828, I heard a loud noise in the heavens, and the Spirit was loosened,
and Christ had laid down the yoke he had borne for the sins of men, and that I should take it on
and fight against the Serpent, for the time was fast approaching when the first should be last
and the last should be first.


Ques. Do you not find yourself mistaken now? Ans. Was not Christ crucified.


And by signs in the heavens that it would make known to me when I should commence the great
work—and until the first sign appeared, I should conceal it from the knowledge of men—And on
the appearance of the sign, (the eclipse of the sun last February) I should arise and prepare
myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons.


And immediately on the sign appearing in the heavens, the seal was removed from my lips, and
I communicated the great work laid out for me to do, to four in whom I had the greatest
confidence, (Henry, Hark, Nelson, and Sam)—


It was intended by us to have begun the work of death on the 4th July last—Many were the
plans formed and rejected by us, and it affected my mind to such a degree, that I fell sick, and
the time passed without our coming to any determination how to commence—Still forming new
schemes and rejecting them, when the sign appeared again, which determined me not to wait

The Rebellion

Since the commencement of 1830, I had been living with Mr. Joseph Travis, who was to me a
kind master, and placed the greatest confidence in me; in fact, I had no cause to complain of his
treatment to me.


On Saturday evening, the 20th of August, it was agreed between Henry, Hark and myself, to
prepare a dinner the next day for the men we expected, and then to concert a plan, as we had
not yet determined on any. Hark, on the following morning, brought a pig, and Henry brandy,
and being joined by Sam, Nelson, Will and Jack, they prepared in the woods a dinner, where,
about three o'clock, I joined them.


Q. Why were you so backward in joining them. A. The same reason that had caused me not to
mix with them for years before.


I saluted them on coming up, and asked Will how came he there, he answered, his life was worth
no more than others, and his liberty as dear to him. I asked him if he thought to obtain it? He
said he would, or loose his life. This was enough to put him in full confidence. . Jack, I knew, was
only a tool in the hands of Hark,


it was quickly agreed we should commence at home (Mr. J. Travis') on that night, and until we
had armed and equipped ourselves, and gathered sufficient force, neither age nor sex was to
be spared, (which was invariably adhered to.)


We remained at the feast, until about two hours in the night, when we went to the house and
found Austin; they all went to the cider press and drank, except myself.


On returning to the house, Hark went to the door with an axe, for the purpose of breaking it
open, as we knew we were strong enough to murder the family, if they were awaked by the
noise; but reflecting that it might create an alarm in the neighborhood, we determined to enter
the house secretly, and murder them whilst sleeping. Hark got a ladder and set it against the
chimney, on which I ascended, and hoisting a window, entered and came down stairs, unbarred
the door and removed the guns from their places.

First Blood

It was then observed that I must spill the first blood. On which, armed with a hatchet, and
accompanied by Will, I entered my master's chamber, it being dark, I could not give a death
blow, the hatchet glanced from his head, he sprang from the bed and called his wife, it was his
last word, Will laid him dead, with a blow of his axe, and Mrs. Travis shared the same fate, as
she lay in bed.


The murder of this family, five in number, was the work of a moment, not one of them awoke;
there was a little infant sleeping in a cradle, that was forgotten, until we had left the house and
gone same distance, when Henry and Will returned and killed it; we got here, four guns that
would shoot, and several old muskets, with a pound or two of powder.

Path of Destruction

We remained some time at the barn, where we paraded; I formed them in a line as soldiers, and
after carrying them through all the manoeuvres I was master of, marched them off to Mr.
Salathul Francis', about six hundred yards distant.


Sam and Will went to the door and knocked. M. Francis asked who was there, Sam replied it
was him, and he had a letter for him, on which he got up and came to the door; they immediately
seized him, and dragging him out a little from the door, he was dispatched by repeated blows on
the head; there was no other white person in the family.


We started from there for Mrs. Reese's, maintaining the most perfect silence on our march,
where finding the door unlocked, we entered, and murdered Mrs. Reese in her bed, while
sleeping: her son awoke, but it was only to sleep the sleep of death, he had only time to say
who is that, and he was no more.


From Mrs. Reese's we went to Mrs. Turner's, a mile distant, which we reached about sunrise, on
Monday morning. Henry, Austin, and Sam, went to the still, where, finding Mr. Peebles, Austin
shot him, and the rest of us went to the house; as we approached, the family discovered us, and
shut the door. Vain hope! Will, with one stroke of his axe, opened it, and we entered and found
Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Newsome in the middle of a room, almost frightened to death. Will
immediately killed Mrs. Turner, with one blow of his axe. I took Mrs. Newsome by the hand, and
with the sword I had when I was apprehended, I struck her several blows over the head, but not
being able to kill her, as the sword was dull. Will turning around and discovering it, despatched
her also.


A general destruction of property and search for money and ammunition, always succeeded the
murders. By this time my company amounted to fifteen, and nine rnen mounted, who started for
Mrs. Whitehead's, (the other six were to go through a by way to Mr. Bryant's, and rejoin us at
Mrs. Whitehead's,) as we approached the house we discovered Mr. Richard Whitehead
standing in the cotton patch, near the lane fence: we called him over into the lane, and Will, the
executioner, was near at hand, with his fatal axe, to send him to an untimely grave. As we
pushed on to the house, I discovered some one run round the garden, and thinking it was some
of the white family, I pursued them, but finding it was a servant girl belonging to the house, I
returned to commence the work of death, but they whom I left, had not been idle; all the family
were already murdered, but Mrs. Whitehead and her daughter Margaret.


As I came round to the door I saw Will pulling Mrs. Whitehead out of the house, and at the step
he nearly severed her head from her body, with his broad axe. Miss Margaret, when I
discovered her, had concealed herself in the corner, formed by the projection of the cellar cap
from the house; on my approach she fled, but was soon overtaken, and after repeated blows
with a sword, I killed her by a blow on the head, with a fence rail.


By this time, the six who had gone by Mr. Bryant's, rejoined us, and informed me they had done
the work of death assigned them. We again divided, part going to Mr. Richard Porter's, and from
thence to Nathaniel Francis', the others to Mr. Howell Harris'; and Mr. T. Doyles.

The Alarm is Spread

On my reaching Mr. Porter's, he had escaped with his family. I understood there, that the alarm
had already spread, and I immediately returned to bring up those sent to Mr. Doyles, and Mr.
Howell Harris'; the party I left going on to Mr. Francis', having told them I would join them in that
neighborhood. I met these sent to Mr. Doyles' and Mr. Harris' returning, having met Mr. Doyle on
the road and killed him; and learning from some who joined them, that Mr. Harris was from
home, I immediately pursued the course taken by the party gone on before; but knowing they
would complete the work of death and pillage, at Mr. Francis' before I could get there, I went to
Mr. Peter Edwards', expecting to find them there, but they had been here also.


I then went to Mr. John T. Barrow's, they had been here and murdered him. I pursued on their
track to Capt. Newit Harris', where I found the greater part mounted, and ready to start; the men
now amounting to about forty, shouted and hurraed as I rode up, some were in the yard, loading
their guns, others drinking. They said Captain Harris and his family had escaped, the property
in the house they destroyed, robbing him of money and other valuables. I ordered them to
mount and march instantly, this was about nine or ten o'clock, Monday morning.


I proceeded to Mr. Levi Waller's, two or three miles distant. I took my station in the rear, and as
it 'twas my object to carry terror and devastation wherever we went, I placed fifteen or twenty of
the best armed and most to be relied on, in front, who generally approached the houses as fast
as their horses could run; this was for two purposes, to prevent their escape arid strike terror to
the inhabitants—on this account I never got to the houses, after leaving Mrs. Whitehead's, until
the murders were committed, except in one case. I sometimes got in sight in time to see the work
of death completed, viewed the mangled bodies as they lay, in silent satisfaction, and
immediately started in quest of other victims—


having murdered Mrs. Waller and ten children, we started for Mr. William Williams'—Having
killed him and two little boys that were there; while engaged in this, Mrs. Williams fled and got
some distance from the house, but she was pursued, overtaken, and compelled to get up
behind one of the company, who brought her back, and after showing her the mangled body of
her lifeless husband, she was told to get down and lay by his side, where she was shot dead.


I then started for Mr. Jacob Williams, where the family were murdered—Here we found a young
man named Drury, who had come on business with Mr. Williams—he was pursued, overtaken
and shot.


Mrs. Vaughan was the nest place we visited—and after murdering the family here, I determined
on starting for Jerusalem— Our number amounted now to fifty or sixty, all mounted and armed
with guns, axes, swords and clubs—


On reaching Mr. James W. Parkers' gate, immediately on the road leading to Jerusalem, and
about three miles distant, it was proposed to me to call there, but I objected, as I knew he was
gone to Jerusalem, and my object was to reach there as soon as possible; but some of the men
having relations at Mr. Parker's it was agreed that they might call and get his people.

White Men Retaliate

After waiting some time for them, I became impatient, and started to the house for them, and on
our return we were met by a party of white men, who had pursued our blood-stained track, and
who had fired on those at the gate, and dispersed them, which I new [sic] nothing of, not having
been at that time rejoined by any of them—


Immediately on discovering the whites, I ordered my men to halt and form, as they appeared to
be alarmed—The white men, eighteen in number, approached us in about one hundred yards,
when one of them fired, (this was against the positive orders of Captain Alexander P. Peete,
who commanded, and who had directed the men to reserve their fire until within thirty paces)


And I discovered about half of them retreating, I then ordered my men to fire and rush on them;
the few remaining stood their ground until we approached within fifty yards, when they fired and
retreated. We pursued and overtook some of them who we thought we left dead; (they were not


after pursuing them about two hundred yards, and rising a little hill, I discovered they were met
by another party, and had haulted [sic], and were reloading their guns, (this was a small party
from Jerusalem who knew the negroes were in the field, and had just tied their horses to await
their return to the road, knowing that Mr. Parker and family were in Jerusalem, but knew nothing
of the party that had gone in with Captain Peete; on hearing the firing they immediately rushed
to the spot and arrived just in time to arrest the progress of these barbarous villians, and save
the lives of their friends and fellow citizens.) Thinking that those who retreated first, and the
party who fired on us at fifty or sixty yards distant, had all only fallen back to meet others with

Panic Sets In

As I saw them re-loading their guns, and more coming up than I saw at first, and several of my
bravest men being wounded, the others became panick struck and squandered over the field;
the white men pursued and fired on us several times.


Hark had his horse shot under him, and I caught another for him as it was running by me; five or
six of my men were wounded, but none left on the field; finding myself defeated here I instantly
determined to go through a private way, and cross the Nottoway river at the Cypress Bridge,
three miles below Jerusalem, and attack that place in the rear, as I expected they would look for
me on the other road, and I had a great desire to get there to procure arms and amunition [sic].


After going a short distance in this private way, accompanied by about twenty men, I overtook
two or three; who told me the others were dispersed in every direction. After trying in vain to
collect a sufficient force to proceed to Jerusalem, I determined to return, as I was sure they
would make back to their old neighborhood, where they would rejoin me, make new recruits, and
come down again.

They Regroup

On my way back, I called at Mrs. Thomas's, Mrs. Spencer's, and several other places, the white
families having fled, we found no more victims to gratify our thirst for blood, we stopped at Majr.
Ridley's quarter for the night, and being joined by four of his men, with the recruits made since
my defeat, we mustered now about forty strong.


After placing our sentinels, I laid down to sleep, but was quickly roused by a great racket;
starting up, I found some mounted, and others in great confusion; one of the sentinels having
given the alarm that we mere about to be attacked, I ordered some to ride round and
reconnoitre, and on their return the others being more alarmed, not knowing who they were, fled
in different ways, so that I was reduced to about twenty again; with this I determined to attempt
to recruit, and proceed on to rally in the neighborhood, I had left.


Dr. Blunt's was the nearest house, which we reached just before day; on riding up the yard,
Hark fired a gun. We expected Dr. Blunt and his family were at Maj. Ridley's, as I knew there was
a company of men there; the gun was fired to ascertain if any of the family was at home; we
were immediately fired upon and retreated, leaving several of my men. I do not know what
became of them, as I never saw them afterwards.


Pursuing our course back and coming in sight of Captain Harris' where we had been the day
before, we discovered a party of white men at the house, on which all deserted me but two,
(Jacob and Nat,) we concealed ourselves in the woods until near night, when I sent them in
search of Henry, Sam, Nelson, and Hark, and directed them to rally all they could, at the place
we had had our dinner the Sunday before, where they would find me, and I accordingly returned
there as soon as it was dark and remained until Wednesday evening, when discovering white
men riding around the place as though they were looking for some one, and none of my men
joining me, I concluded Jacob and Nat had been taken, and compelled to betray me.

Fugitive Life

On this I gave up all hope for the present; and on Thursday night after having supplied myself
with provisions from Mr. Travis's, I scratched a hole under a pile of fence rails in a field where I
concealed myself for six weeks, never leaving my hiding place but for a few minutes in the dead
of night to get water which was very near; thinking by this time I could venture out, I began to go
about in the night and eaves drop the houses in the neighborhood; pursuing this course for
about a fortnight and gathering little or no intelligence, afraid of speaking to any human being,
and returning every morning to my cave before the dawn of day.


I know not how long I might have led this life, if accident had not betrayed me, a dog in the
neighborhood passing by my hiding place one night while I was out, was attracted by some meat
I had in my cave, and crawled in and stole it, and was coming out just as I returned. A few nights
after, two negroes having started to go hunting with the same dog, and passed that way, the
dog came again to the place, and having just gone out to walk about, discovered me and
barked, on which thinking myself discovered, I spoke to them to beg concealment. On making
myself known they fled from me.


Knowing then they would betray me, I immediately left my hiding place and was pursued almost
incessantly until I was taken a fortnight afterwards by Mr: Benjamin Phipps, in a little hole I had
dug out with my sword, for the purpose of concealment, under the top of a fallen tree. On Mr.
Phipps' discovering the place of my concealment, he cocked his gun and aimed at me. I
requested him not to shoot and I would give up, upon which he demanded my sword. I delivered
it to him, and he brought me to prison.


During the time I was pursued, I had many hair breadth escapes, which your time will not permit
you to relate. I am here loaded with chains, and willing to suffer the fate that awaits me.

Cross Examination

I here proceeded to make some inquiries of him, after assuring him of the certain death that
awaited him, and that concealment would only bring destruction on the innocent as well as
guilty, of his own color, if he knew of any extensive or concerted plan. His answer was, I do not.


When I questioned him as to the insurrection in North Carolina happening about the same time,
he denied any knowledge of it; and when I looked him in the face as though I would search his
inmost thoughts, he replied, "I see sir, you doubt my word; but can you not think the same ideas,
and strange appearances about this time in the heaven's might prompt others, as well as
myself, to this undertaking."


I now had much conversation with and asked him many questions, having forborne to do so
previously, except in the cases noted in parenthesis; but during his statement, I had, unnoticed
by him, taken notes as to some particular circumstances, and having the advantage of his
statement before me in writing, on the evening of the third day that I had been with him, I began
a cross examination, and found his statement corroborated by every circumstance coming within
my own knowledge or the confessions of others whom had been [sic] either killed or executed,
and whom he had not seen nor had any knowledge since 22nd of August last, he expressed
himself fully satisfied as to the impracticability of his attempt.

Impressions of Turner

It has been said he was ignorant and cowardly, and that his object was to murder and rob for
the purpose of obtaining money to make his escape. It is notorious, that he was never known to
have a dollar in his life; to swear an oath, or drink a drop of spirits.


As to his ignorance, he certainly never had the advantages of education, but he can read and
write, (it was taught him by his parents,) and for natural intelligence and quickness of
apprehension, is surpassed by few men I have ever seen.


As to his being a coward, his reason as given for not resisting Mr. Phipps, shows the decision of
his character. When he saw Mr. Phipps present his gun, he said he knew it was impossible for
him to escape as the woods were full of men; he therefore thought it was better to surrender,
and trust to fortune for his escape.


He is a complete fanatic, or plays his part most admirably. On other subjects he possesses an
uncommon share of intelligence, with a mind capable of attaining anything; but warped and
perverted by, the influence of early impressions.


He is below the ordinary stature, though strong and active, having the true negro face, every
feature of which is strongly marked.


I shall not attempt to describe the effect of his narrative, as told and commented on by himself,
in the condemned hole of the prison. The calm, deliberate composure with which he spoke of
his late deeds and intentions, the expression of his fiend-like face when excited by enthusiasm,
still bearing the stains of the blood of helpless innocence about him; clothed with rags and
covered with chains; yet daring to raise his manacled hands to heaven, with a spirit soaring
above the attributes of man; I looked on him and my blood curdled in my veins.

Providential Escapes

I will not shock the feelings of humanity, nor wound afresh the bosoms of the disconsolate
sufferers in this unparalleled and inhuman massacre, by detailing the deeds of their fiend-like
barbarity. There were two or three who were in the power of these wretches, had they known it,
and who escaped in the most providential manner.


There were two whom they thought they left dead on the field at Mr. Parker's, but who were only
stunned by the blows of guns, as they did not take time to reload when they charged on them.


The escape of a little girl who went to school at Mr. Waller's, and where the children were
collecting for that purpose, excited general sympathy. As their teacher had not arrived, they
were at play in the yard, and seeing the negroes approach, she ran up on a dirt chimney, (such
as are common to log houses,) and remained there unnoticed during the massacre of the
eleven that were killed at this place. She remained on her hiding place till just before the arrival
of a party, who were in pursuit of the murderers, when she came down and fled to a swamp,
where, a mere child as she was, with the horrors of the late scene before her, she lay concealed
until the next day, when seeing a party go up to the house, she came up, and on being asked
how she escaped, replied with the utmost simplicity, "The Lord helped her." She was taken up
behind a gentleman of the party, and returned to the arms of her weeping mother.


Miss Whitehead concealed herself between the bed and the mat that supported it, while they
murdered her sister in the same room, without discovering her. She was afterwards carried off,
and concealed for protection by a slave of the family, who gave evidence against several of
them on their trial.


Mrs. Nathaniel Francis, while concealed in a closet heard their blows, and the shrieks of the
victims of these ruthless savages; they then entered the closet where she was concealed, and
went out without discovering her. While in this hiding place, she heard two of her women in a
quarrel about the division of her clothes.


Mr. John T. Baron, discovering them approaching his house, told his wife to make her escape,
and scorning to fly, fell fighting on his own threshold. After firing his rifle, he discharged his gun
at them, and then broke it over the villain who first approached him, but he was overpowered
and slain. His bravery, however, saved from the hands of these monsters, his lovely and
amiable wife, who will long lament a husband so deserving of her love. As directed by him, she
attempted to escape through the garden, when she was caught and held by one of her servant
girls, but another coming to her rescue, she fled to the woods, and concealed herself.

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