by Ras Marvin
In August 19th -25th, 2009 a delegation
of four members of the Collective
Black People Movement & Dr. Julius
Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Division 421
went to the 52nd International
Convention of the UNIA-ACL
Government in Detroit, Michigan.

The Delegates included Michael Harris of Juice
Productions, Moses Levi of Akachi African Leather
Works, Bomani Tyembha of
African of the Africans and
myself, Ras Marvin, the CBPM Administrative
Coordinator and the newly elected President of the Julius
Atlanta Division 421.  We
traveled by road and stayed with Juice Production’s
family, a family of dancers.  Thank you, Jeff, for your
The sisters of Division 421 were not able to attend the
Convention, but without their input and works, the attendees of
the Convention would not recognized the Atlanta Division
easily.  This is because Sister
Faye Natallie created a beautiful
banner to speak for and represent our Division at the
Convention.  In addition, Sister Faye touched up the CBPM
banner.  These two banners together spoke thousands of
words for the Julius Nyerere/CBPM Atlanta Division 421, at the
Convention, that all we had to do is smile from all the love we
were receiving.  Everyone spoke highly on Sister Faye’s
beautiful Art works as we flew our banner high.
The 52nd International Convention was such a great event of
Nation building, Networking, Information, and Love.  The Julius
Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 was given our
Official Charter as a UNIA-ACL Division and received a lot of
love from the Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL Government and all
UNIA-ACL Divisions attending the 52nd International
There were also five other new Divisions of the UNIA-ACL.  
This included 3 Divisions from Africa, a Division from St. Ann’s
Jamaica, and the first cyber space Division, Harambee
Division 369.  We (the Atlanta Delegates) learned a
lot about the government that was established by Marcus
Garvey and our Elders/Ancestors in 1919 in Harlem, New
In addition to the new Divisions at the Convention, the
foundation Divisions of the UNIA-ACL was also present.  These
included the Cleveland Division that has been in existence from
the 1920’s, the Montreal Canada Division 334, the
Philadelphia, PA Division 121 where the Headquarters of the
UNIA-ACL Government exists, divisions from Chicago,
Washington DC, the Carolinas, and many more.  Several
Divisions from Africa were not able to attend the Convention.
The CBPM is about nation building and since we are a member
of the African Community Leagues and a Division of the UNIA-
ACL via Division 421, we are at home and in the right position
to advance all of our members and do our part in the
Government of our people.  “ATL, Africa Together Liberated”,  
the President General is pointing us in the same direction that
Marcus Garvey had our people going.  Race First.  “Up you
might race, you can accomplish what you will”.
The host Division for the 52nd International Convention was
the Arthur Thomas
Division 407, with President Kweku Bey,
Lady President Muqarrabah, 1st Lady Vice President Indi Ya
Bey, and all the members of Division 407.  1st Lady Vice
Indi Ya Bey, also holds to other key positions in the
State of Michigan.   She is known as Sargent Slaughter with the
Detroit Fire Department, a 20 year veteran.  Sister Indi Ya Bey
is also the State of Michigan Pool Champion.  She is a very
intelligent Sister
with a lot of love for her people and the Government of the
UNIA-ACL.  Sister Indi Ya Bey is also a new member to the
CBPM (  Thanks for
hosting an Historical Convention UNIA-ACL Arthur Thomas
Division 407.
The 52nd International Convention was filled with business and
public meetings, which charge to action each attendee and
Division.  Presenters included Khabir Hadas UNIA-ACL Minister
of Education, and a new member to the CBPM  (www.cbpm.
org/panafrikan) along with  Brother Malik Hakim presentations
on developing independent African Educational Institutions.
A panel of Educational Experts made up of Debra Moore of
Ahmose Math Academy / Nsoroma, K-8 public school in Detroit,
Michigan, Sister Basiymah Muhammad Bey, 4th Assistant
President- General UNIA-ACL / Principal of a school in
Philadelphia, PA, and Akili Nkrumah, 1st Assistant President-
General, and history teacher at the Marcus Garvey school in
Philadelphia for over 25 years.  We learned/re-learned that
math is not a European Subject.  Math is an African Subject.  
Ahmose (1750 B.C.), an Egyptian (Kemetic) copywrited the first
math book.  In this book you will see the first times tables.  
Pythagorus had to go to African Teachers in Egypt to get the
Kemetic Theorem, now called the Pythagorean Theorem.  He
could not go without permission of Greek Authorities.  
Euclid, was not European, he was African.  He wrote 13 books
on Math, 12 on Geometry and 1 on Mathematical Theory.   
Euclid’s standards are the standards used today in Geometry.  
Ibn Musa Al-Khawarizmi wrote math books on Algebra in 1850
AD.  From Al-Khawarizmi is where we get the word Algebra
today.  Sister Debra Moore shared that when you do things in
detail, you are doing mathematics.  We as a people cannot
advance without mathematics.  
Sister Basimah spoke on how her school is using the Barter
system with their students in exchange for tuition payment.
Professor Leonard Jeffries expressed his solidarity with the
UNIA-ACL Government during the 52nd International
Convention while presenting as a guest speaker on Harambee
Dr. Julius Garvey, Marcus Garvey Jr., Hanibal Africa, and  
Reverend Sanders of Stone Mountain, Georgia were
nominated to be on the counsel of elders.  There was a special
focus on Health and Emergency readiness for our people.
Brother Sababu gave a presentation of the progress on the
next UNIA-ACL Constitutional Convention for 2010 (every 5
Dr. Robert Brock, joined with the Government of the UNIA-ACL
and gave a presentation on a program to assist descendents
of enslaved Africans.  The basis of the program is that Africans
were captured in a War of Enslavement as the beginning of the
problem.  To get out of slavery we had to escape, we did not
runaway.  Escape means we were held against our will and
confined.  To keep their captives, the Europeans dehumanized
African people, our culture, language, and ways of life.  By
locking us up, putting chains around our necks and body from
generation to generation. Later, they removed the chains from
us when the process of dehumanization was complete.  We are
now in mental enslavement.  Dr. Brock said that almost all of
the African people’s mind and culture has been damaged by
going through the dehumanization process of slavery.  The
only thing the white man could not take from the Blackman was
our physical features.  Therefore they started the saying that if
you have African hair, it was bad hair, causing millions of
African women and people to be victims of this psychological
brain washing process.  This was also promoted heavily in all
aspects of the United States of America.  The white man said
everything is bad with Black People except having sex with the
women.  This started the disrespect of our women in which still
today blanc women are portrayed as sex objects.
Dr. Sebi, joined with the UNIA-ACL Government at the
Convention and he was the next presenter.  Dr. Sebi is based
in Honduros.  Dr. Sebi’s daughter, Zabi Sebi, cured the Head
Rabbi in Brooklyn, New York, from serious illness, now all the
Hasedic Jews come to Zabi Sebi for treatment, when needed.  
Dr. Sebi shared with us that protein will kill you.  Starch will kill
you.  All the man made vegetables like carrot, peas, cassava,
protein, wheat, rice, beats, and beans will kill you.  God did not
make these vegetables because they do not produce seed to
reproduce itself.  They have to be cut and replanted to grow.  
Most starches are Acidic and the body needs Alkalinity.  Jesuit
Priest, invented all kind of beans.  More information is available
at  Dr. Sebi has cured Aids, and many
disease with his herbal remedies and the theory of there is only
on disease and that is mucus.  The Japanese Government
wants to pay Dr. Sebi $200,000 Million (Dollars) for the rights
to distribute Dr. Sebi’s herbal remedies for good health.  Dr.
Sebi says it belongs to African People.
Attorney Faruq Muhammad, UNIA-ACL Counsel General, was
not able to attend the convention because of  health reasons.  
We were privileged to hear his words to the attendees of the
Convention through a recorded presentation.  We thank you
Brother Faruq Muhammad for all you have been doing and
continue to do for the Government of the UNIA-ACL.  Attorney
Faruq Muhammad shared vital information on the International
Expatiate Movement (IEM).  We pray for your speedy recovery
and good health.
The Laws of Kemit, Maat, the Creator pure consciousness,
truth, justice, righteousness, resoprosity, and harmonic
balance was all in tune at the Convention.
Del Walters, an Investigative Reporter from Washington DC
and North Carolina, was the next presenter down with the
Government of the UNIA-ACL.  Del Walters is the same
Investigative Reporter responsible for forcing the Automobile
companies to place warnings on the visors of cars that air bags
can kill.  He has in his possession one of the first visor that
carried this warning.  Del Walters has also worked for ABC
news in Washington DC, received 22 Emmy Awards and more,
author of “The Race”, in which he authored three years ago, a
fiction, book that talks about a Black President for the United
States and it happened.  
The Pottery Barn Rules, is a non-fiction account of how the
President of the United States of America, Richard Nixon, along
with the CIA’s actions has led to many assassinations in Africa
for the purpose of being able to rape the raw materials of
Africa Freely.  Any African leader who publicly declares that
Africa’s resources belong to Africa, mysteriously disappears.  
In the documents Del Walters was able to get unclassified,
information on Richard Nixon's fear that one day Africa’s young
and vibrant population would have control of its resources.  
Nixon viewed this as the Death to America.  Nixon said to
Monahan, “there is no good African Leader”, on tape.  
To fight the Cold War against the Soviet Union, the United
States got 80% of there Uranium from the Congo.  In National
Security 200 (NSS200), stated how the United States
Government decided to destabilize Africa, Central America,
and South America.  National Security 201 (NSS201), called for
the increase in arm sales to these areas.  
The involved parties of the Rockerfellas, Vanderbilts, Warren
Buffet, and Bill Gates promotes the World Population Control in
which people in Africa is being sterilized through Menstrual
Reduction Kits.  In 1975 was the Sterilization National
Conference.  Del Walters has proven the conspiracy that
America wants to kill all Africa and Africans.  Del Walters also
has the Pottery Barn Rules book in DVD.  It’s title is called
Apocolyse Africa.  
There were over 20,000,000 Africans killed from the 1950’s to
now cause due to pillage and piracy  of the continent's
resources and nothing going to benefit the people.  Starvation,
disease, and guns ship are sent to the continent but  not made
in Africa.  Leaders sell out their people, to increase their
personal wealth.  The back ground drop on some CNN news
programs show a picture of the world from out of space and the
continent of Africa is in darkness, except for where whites live,
there is a screen of
protection.  Africa's current existence is fill with greed, and
ethnic conflicts that is encouraged by racism.
The UNIA-ACL Mosiah Division in England sent an email
message to the Convention.  Inside of this message Sister
Power and the Sister’s asked what is the place of woman in the
home or on the frontline?  The Akebulan Revivalist Movement,
from England, grounded in the teachings of Marcus Garvey,
expressed their solidarity with the UNIA-ACL Government.

More important developments from the

1. African Redemption Fund (ARF) – Is a way for African
People to address our Sovereignty.

International Expatriate Movement (IEM) – Every race
on the planet have an Expatriate Program in which each
country protects their citizens where ever they go (dual

The Exoneration of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah
Garvey Committee Led by Brother Yaw from Los Angeles.  
Marcus Garvey and the UNIA-ACL did nothing wrong.  There
has been exnerations issued by government officials in New
York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Florida, and Connecticut.  We need
to continue this effort to have Marcus Garvey’s name cleared
in the US documents and history.  More information is available
on this effort at  
Volunteers needed.

Black Cross Nurse - Re-Establishment of the Black Cross
Nurses in all Divisions.  They provide services for our Elders in
the community.  The Black Cross Nurse is also an Official
Chartered Division of the UNIA-ACL from Belize.  They provide
Social Services for our people.

2014 is the 100th Anniversary of the UNIA-ACL.  Look
out for Global Centennial celebrations.

UNIA-ACL Business – Each Division of the UNIA-ACL must
have Study Groups, Community newspaper, a Division Library,
and After School Program, and establish along with a  building
fund.  In addition, each Division of the UNIA-ACL gave reports.

Garvey's Voice – The Distribution of the Garvey Voice
Magazines is one of the most important means to educate our

Attorney Faruq Muhammad, of the Legal Defense Committee,  
said the that Marcus Garvey has returned in the Whirlwind is
not a Metaphor, but a prophesy being fulfilled.  Much thanks is
due to Tony Martin preserving a lot of the history on Marcus
Garvey for our people.
Next year, 2010, the 53rd International Convention of the UNIA-
ACL will be held in Washington DC.  The 54th International
Convention of the UNIA-ACL will be held in Philadelphia, PA in
2011.  In 2012, the 55th International Convention will be held in
Atlanta, Georgia.  
Division 421 have a short time to get ready for the UNIA-ACL
Convention in Atlanta in 2012.  Brothers and Sisters who are
interested in being part of the Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL
Atlanta Division 421, are asked to come to the twice a month
monthly meeting every 2nd & 4th Sunday from 7pm-9pm at the
CBPM Office.  Call 404-HIP-JAZZ for Information.
Each one of us has to start working for the World Government
for African People established by Marcus Garvey and our
Elders/Ancestors.  We have to talk about the UNIA-ACL as
contemporary and future developments with physical works
which leads to self-reliance.  Our sovereignty as a people will
only come when we are a self-sufficient people.  Each event of
the Convention began with signing and speaking the UNIA-ACL
rituals.  One God, One Aim, and One Destiny closed each
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Detroit, Michigan, Aug 19th, 2009